It’s Time To Tour The Wonderful Nature Walks & Trails In Seychelles

Nature Walks & Trails In Seychelles

In Seychelles, there are many nature walks and trails to be explored, which serve not only as an attraction for a different clientele but to raise environmental awareness and exhibit the richness and wealth of our islands when it comes to their lush nature and exceptional biodiversity.

In Seychelles, there are both official & unofficial walks & trails. Those that are official, are normally clearly indicated with signage and their paths are fairly well marked. Unofficial trails are often not marked & they have no directional signs.

Whether you prefer an unhurried stroll along a nature trail or a strenuous hike up a steep mountain path, the locals and tourists alike enjoy the settings of these trails for their physical and mental growth, although there is also the target of developing green tourism in Seychelles and bringing the island’s interior riches to the forefront.

Explore The Beautiful Nature Walks & Trails In Seychelles


The majority of the inner islands of Seychelles are all made of granite, including Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, which are the three most populated islands. This means that although the beaches are stunningly white and sandy, the middle of the islands is mountainous. There are some amazing hikes to be found in the rocky middles of these islands and they include:

Mahe Island

Mount Copolia

The Copolia Trail is one of the best and most popular hiking trails in Seychelles. In the Morne Seychellois National Park, the summit of Mount Copolia is around 500m above sea level. The trail starts at a small and very missable green sign, simply saying ‘Copolia Trail’. It starts at around 300m, meaning the trial elevates by 200m. Expect the hike to take around 2 hours with some steep sections.

Morne Blanc

To get to the trail, park at the tea factory. Walk a little down the road and you’ll see a sign for the trail. It’s well signposted. The hike takes around 45 minutes each way. This is not a walk to attempt in flip flops as it is pretty challenging and steep in places.

Anse Major Trail

The Trail to Anse Major is definitely a highlight. It is a relatively easy walk, starting at Danzil and it takes around an hour and a half. You’ll see many amazing rock formations along the way and some amazing views too. The trail is the only way to get to Anse Major on foot.

Morne Seychellois
The point which gives its name to the national park, Morne Seychellois is the highest point on Mahe at over 900m above sea level. The hike takes around 5 hours, and it’s definitely not one for beginners. You’ll find yourself cutting through thick undergrowth and on trails that are not well maintained.

Image courtesy of Chris Close


Praslin Island

Coco De Mer Trail

This trail is for guests of the Coco de Mer Hotel only. There are organized guided walks on their property. The walk takes around 2 hours. When you get to the top you’ll get a 360 degree view unrivalled on Praslin.

Fond Ferdinand

Fond Ferdinand was previously a palm plantation which had a lucrative business. In 1990 it was destroyed by a fire but painstakingly restored to make it a nature reserve. You access Fond Ferdinand by driving along the Consolation (coastal road) There is a tiny little red wooden arrow marking the entrance, and if you’re not looking out for it, you would almost certainly miss it.

It is cheaper to enter than the Vallee de Mai and it is also pretty much guaranteed to be less busy. A big difference is that a guide is required (at no extra cost) to enter the reserve.

The trails are a little more challenging and not quite as well maintained as those of the Vallee de Mai. A lot more of the area is exposed to the heat of the sun – or rain, of course.

Image courtesy of Michael Denousse


Glacis Noire

Park at the Vallee de Mai car park or get off at the bus stop there. Walk a little past the entrance (heading towards Baie St Anne, away from Grand Anse) until you reach a path that has a chain across it. This is the start of the Glacis Noire trail. This is a free trail, so unless you hire someone privately you will not have a guide for this trail. It’s not an easy walk and the path is not particularly well maintained. There are some great views when you reach the old fire tower.

Vallee De Mai

The so-called heart of Praslin is home to numerous palm trees, and is often seen as a real ‘Garden of Eden’ by those who discover its beauty. In 1966, the park was first designated a nature reserve thanks to its unique nature, with over 1,400 Coco de Mer palm trees.

Image courtesy of Michael Denousse



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