Isuzu NPS 4×4 Game Viewer Truck – Stay Ahead Of The Game

The Best 4x4 Game Viewer Truck

Stay Ahead of the Game with the Isuzu NPS 4×4 Game Viewer Truck


Isuzu NPS 4×4 Game Viewer Truck – You must make the right call, when answering the call of the wild. Safaris have evolved into bespoke experiences that deliver on the promise of the great outdoors while maintaining the necessities of modern living. These are the qualities that are embodied within the features of the ISUZU NPS GAMEVIEWER Truck It is designed to camouflage itself within the habitat of the African savannah.



Its jungle green exterior does not scare away animals and is complimented by wide, high open sides for enhanced viewing experience for tourists. Short of being next to the animals, any viewer can get the best photos and stories to carry with them forever.


Individual charging ports guarantee that all cameras and mobiles are always ready to shoot the memory of a lifetime. We have made sure a moment is never missed. The spacious 14-seater allows you to have room as if it were your own studio, and communications fittings enable the guide to inform its occupants when and where to enjoy a captivating moment.


Isuzu NPS 4x4 Game Viewer Truck - Stay Ahead Of The Game
14 Seat Capacity

The NPS GAMEVIEWER is rigged as a 4×4 suitable for the rugged terrain found in Kenya’s game parks. So go further and see more, effortlessly. As it happens a lot of the wildlife action is during dusk and dawn, that’s why custom fitted Convoy Lights are installed. They are designed to not scare the wildlife away, ensuring an immersive experience throughout the journey.

Immersion also means delight. That’s why this truck is driven to make everyone feel comfortable and special. It comes with individual cup & bottle holders, cooler box for refreshments and vital First Aid equipment. As it is the wild, all sorts of provisions can be carried along in the adequate luggage storage compartments.


Spacious luggage compartment | Electric cooler box | Charging points


Emergencies are considered and the truck carries two spare wheels and has a rear tow hook with a 6ft long tow bar for rescue purposes. It is the ultimate all-terrain tour vehicle. All it needs is your imagination. So where do you want to go? The ISUZU NPS GAMEVIEWER Truck will take you there.


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Basic body NPS Tour Van Specifications


  • Floor seal timber
  • Timber covered with C- Channel
  • Fastening of body to chassis
  • Floor re-enforced with angle irons
  • Floor deck plate
  • Floor covered with Marley
  • Floor seal timber -125x75mm Hardwood
  • Timber covered with C-channel 76x38x6mm
  • Floor reinforced with Angeline 50x50x4mm
  • Floor deck plate 2.5mm plain sheet
  • Floor deck covered with dotted PVC Cover (Antiskid marley)
  • Floor to be raised with steps 250mm on second last and 500mm on the last raw (to create luggage space)


  • Side pillar loop – RHS 60x40x4mm
  • Lateral side members 60x40x4mm
  • Side reinforced with 40x40x3mm lattice bracing
  • Outer skin – 1.2mm thick galvanized sheet
  • Interior skin 6mm thick Formica panel/fiber glass panel (Aluckobond)
  • Side sandwich material- 1.25″ thick Styrofoam panel(40mm)
  • Side pillars & side members with re-enforcements
  • Outer 1.2mm Galv. Cladding
  • Interior Aluckobond Panel, with sandwich Styrofoam


  • Sufficient pipe bracing to steady the canvas
  • Canvas roof & side drop down clear PVC windows (rollup)
  • Roof pipe bracing
  • Roof lighting & ducting


  • RQystop canvas (650gsm) (Tarpo/Kenya canvas)
  • Side & front rip stop canvas 500Gsm, with double Tarpaulin & Clear plastic windows.
  • Roof Tarpaulin Cover with fasteners


  • 2×1 Fixed Luxury Seats, with one armrest each & cup-holder
  • Loose Canvas Covers with rear magazine pockets
  • High back rest, high density seats with head rest support fitted with 3-point seat belts & canvas seat cover upholding seat pockets & bottle holder
  • Seats to be firmly anchored to the floor structure.


  • 2Kg fire Extinguisher
  • Double spare tire bracket
  • Elaborate first aid kit
  • light protection grills
  • Side passenger stairs
  • Charging sockets systems (Mobile phone charging inverter with USB/3Pin Sockets (8pcs)
  • 50 Liters DC Operated Compressor Cooler Box
  • Rear boots
  • Front bull bars
  • Rear draw bar
  • Rear windshield with weather strip
  • Rear luggage compartments
  • Spare tire brackets
  • Taillight protection
  • Side passenger steps
  • Fuel tank guard
  • Safety Belts
  • Hazard Triangle
  • First Aid Box
  • Radio, Speakers, Aerial
  • Game paint


To Experience Yours Today Call 0800 724 724 or Dial *824#


Stay Ahead of the Game with the Isuzu NPS 4×4 Game Viewer Truck




Embrace Luxury Transport With Zuri By Isuzu



Isuzu East Africa (Isuzu EA) is driven by a strong desire to provide transport solutions to our customers’ dynamic needs as demonstrated through our transformation into a “Trusted Logistics Partner” for our customers.

Isuzu EA has been the leading local vehicle assembler in Kenya for the last nine years in a row with over 95% of sales in the light and heavy commercial vehicles segment. In 2020 the company closed the year with a historic 45.4% market share of new vehicles sold in the country. This success has been driven by the outstanding support of customers and business partners who continue to demonstrate confidence in Isuzu’s enduring legacy.

In the city, in the country, from home, to work, students, employees, the general public, whatever the destination, whoever the passengers, when it comes to reliable and dependable transportation, one bus features prominently as the number one choice, the ISUZU bus.

ISUZU is the leading ISUZU EA brand, famous for its durability, reliability and cost effectiveness. The powerful, low emission engines and amazing fuel efficiency make the Isuzu buses environmentally friendly. It is available from; 25-seat, 29-seat, 33-seat, 37-seat, 46-seat and 67 seat.




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