Is There a Connection between Spirituality and Money?

Understanding Money
Money remains pivotal to surviving in this day and age but does not define who we are. To control money and achieve financial empowerment, we must be comfortable with money. When we receive money as a gift it should not be pushed away, but instead welcomed through defining own wants and needs. Similarly, as we progress through our professional lives, we must not shy away from demanding our worth, but rather convey confidence in requiring fair but robust compensation. As we gain financial stability, we become comfortable managing money in physical and energetic ways. This comfort manifests in our agility to consume, save, grow, and even give our money with certainty and assuredness.


What is Spirituality?
According to Eckhart Tolle, spirituality is not religion, and has less to do with our beliefs, but rather “the ability to live within a state of consciousness” (Simon, 2020, para.3). Spirituality emphasizes connectivity, and reminds us look beyond ourselves, and contribute to something bigger. How we are grounded in our spirituality shapes how we understand our value. While our spirituality tends to elevate our sense of self, money can threaten how we value and appreciate ourselves.


Connecting Spirituality and Money
To have a good relationship with money, we need to develop good feelings around money. The resource of money is a prime concern for all of us. We believe that without money, we cannot achieve anything. We have a negative view of money as we feel that others who possess it are of greater value or more deserving, and therefore believe we have less worth if we possess less wealth.


When people create living standards that they strive for, but feel that they cannot afford it, it generates feeling that ‘we don’t have enough’ and can create stress and skew our sense of value. The stress of money causes behaviors that do not encourage balance within our lives. We criticize ourselves and we overwork ourselves, emotionally and physically exhausting our minds and bodies in pursuit of a mythical lifestyle. In other words, when we think about money, we really need to think about what we are prioritizing in our life. Why are we driven towards a certain lifestyle? Why do we feel insufficient until we achieve that lifestyle and status? What conditioning do we need to undo that measures our inner value with the items
we possess?


Conditioning is so important to understand when we think about our motivators. Whether it is through the expectations of our parents, engrained within us since childhood, or the incessant social media and marketing messaging, it is important to dissociate ourselves from what we are told we should want, and what we actually want. The latter is what we conceptualize through being connected and aligned with ourselves, which begins with a strong sense of spirituality and centeredness.


Without centeredness, we are not aware of our attitudes towards money. Tang (2010) identifies positive and negative attitudes towards money, and the responses they manifest. Behaviors such as distrust and anxiety with money generate compulsive buying and consumption behaviors. In contrast, individuals with high self-esteem is likely to generate more charitable responses to money, resulting in giving to others, feeling at liberty to share wealth. In other words, “it’s not money, but the love of money…that cause low happiness (Tang,2010;Srivastava et al. 2001, p.181).


As we strengthen our sense of self through spirituality, we will tie our value less to our financial reserves. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that wealth and income are fleeting. Economies and personal incomes alike are threatened, and we realize that what is enduring is our intrinsic sense of value is what will maintain a sense of safety and stability in our lives.



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