Haru Restaurant – Sushi Takeaway and Delivery

Haru Restaurant Nairobi Takeaway and Delivery

The famous and award winning Haru Restaurant located in Karen, Nairobi is open for Takeaways and Deliveries


Japanese food known in Japan as washoku is an enjoying unprecedented boom here in Nairobi at the amazing Haru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant. Located in Karen, the restaurant has proven that fresh, innovative and healthy Japanese cuisine has taken pole position as one of the trendiest culinary frontiers in Nairobi.


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*Deliveries Only Available in Karen Area


Haru Restaurant - Sushi Takeaway and Delivery


It takes a true master of the art of Japanese cuisine to prepare these meals and Chef Jongho Park is the Midas behind each of the meals you will have at the restaurant. What awaits you at Haru Sushi Bar, is an award winning, authentic and multi-sensory dining experience, which takes you on a culinary journey across the ‘land of the rising sun’, where outstanding culinary artistry, fresh tantalizing tastes & aromas, impeccable plating & presentation, and vibrant colors & textures all faultlessly combine to create something truly magical.


Haru Restaurant - Sushi Takeaway and Delivery
Chef Jongho Park


Every dish at Haru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant has its own signature twist, and each is expertly created and refined to simply leave you relishing for more. Chef Jongho believes that preparing Japanese Cuisine is an art. Offering an endless selection of enticing dishes to choose from, he makes sure to create a marriage of simplicity, skill and taste ensuring your taste buds are satisfied. Haru Restaurant offers some of the best of Japanese cuisines within one of the most tranquil environments in Karen.


Fresh and colorful sushi dipped in luscious soy sauce and a hint of wasabi make for the perfect break at Haru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant. Make your selection from an assortment of sushi at the sushi bar or delight-in his signature dishes which range from; Tempting Starters such as, Potato Prawns Tempura to opulent Sushi Sets or Sashimi Sets which comprise of the Haru Sushi / Sashimi Combination and the Burning crab: Monsters of Rock. A multi-sensory dining experience awaits your palate, with favorites such as the extravagant melt-in- your mouth Sushi, Sashimi and so much more authentic Japanese culinary treats.


Haru Restaurant - Sushi Takeaway and Delivery


Haru Sushi Bar offers the best with super affordable prices, and creates a very exciting and memorable experience every time! Customers should expect impeccable quality as always, excellent & most importantly innovative Sushi, an expansive menu to make your selections from, and culinary artistry on every plate.


Haru, an Award-Winning Japanese Cuisine Restaurant is a unique and multi-sensory dining experience that unveils a culinary journey across the ‘land of the rising sun’, where outstanding culinary artistry, fresh teasing tastes & aromas, impeccable plating & presentation, including day-glow colors & textures, all immaculately merge to create something truly magical. Enjoy!



Chef Jongho Park a two-time award winner of The Chefs Delight Awards for his amazing restaurant Haru, including; The Best Japanese Restaurant, Best Sushi & Sashimi Restaurant, Most Innovative Chef and the top-award for The Best Individual Restaurant & Chef, as voted for by his own diners. His passion comes from diners when they leave the restaurant with a smile and come back again, this gives him the drive to make every experience different and better. When he is out of the kitchen Chef Jongho Park enjoys traveling, fishing and playing golf. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and his two boys.


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