Happy World Environment Day from Go Places

Happy World Environment Day from Go Places


Go Places Wishes You a Happy World Environment Day – 5th June 2021


World Environment Day is celebrated annually on the 5th June and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment


“The Generation that destroys the environment in not the generation that pays the price, that is the problem”

By Late Professor Wangari Maathai
1st Woman to Win the Nobel Peace Prize
Environmental Conservationist


5th June 2020 – Release on Kenya Banning Single-Use Plastic in All Protected Areas


Kenya Bans Single-Use Plastics in All Protected Areas – Since 5th of June 2020


Pursuant to the announcement by H.E The President of Kenya on the ban on single-use plastics in all our protected areas on 5th June 2019, this is to bring to your attention that the ban will start taking effect on 5th June 2020.


The government mandated through the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Article 43 to assure and provide to all Kenyans a clean and healthy environment, and through Article 69 to eliminate all processes and activities that degrade the environment.


Kenya Bans Single-Use Plastics in All Protected Areas - Since 5th of June 2021


The Wildlife Conservation and Management Act (WCMA), 2013

The Act defines a ‘Protected Area’ as a geographical space, recognized, dedicated and managed through legal or other effective means, to achieve long-terms conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values.


The Act further addresses the issue on pollution with Section 89(1) (b) and (c) of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, making t an offense to pollute within these protected areas.


The Forest Conservation and Management Act (FCMA), 2016 provides for the development and sustainable management, including conservation and rational utilization of all forest resources for socio-economic development of the country and other connected purposes.


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The ban underlines the government’s commitment in addressing the plastic pollution menace, in line with the various legal provisions on waste management and conservation of the natural resources and ecosystems, as well as Kenya’s milestones in achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030


The Ministry therefore wishes to urge you all to jointly work towards the full implementation of this ban on single-use plastics in all our protected areas, including national parks, beaches, forests and other conservation areas


Hon. Najib Balala, EGH


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