Happy Mothers Day 2022 from Go Places Digital

Happy Mothers Day from Go Places Digital

Happy Mothers Day from Go Places Digital “Mothers Are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together” Susan Gale



Mother’s Day is the special time of year when you get to celebrate your first best friend and the person you always turn to when you need advice. It is also a great time to show your love for all the other mother figures and women in your life.

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honour of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, but the clearest modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.”

Over time the Mothering Sunday tradition shifted into a more secular holiday, and children would present their mothers with flowers and other tokens of appreciation.

Mother’s Day this year comes at such a time when we go through surreal times however, don’t let this stop you from having a good time. Here are some of our ideas to keep your mum smiling


Go Shopping
Take your mum shopping for a new dress, a pair of shoes, perfume or jewellery. Lots of international branded stores, as well as famous high-quality local brands, are available at shopping malls countrywide. Our recommendation is to get her best perfume and if you are not sure Fragrance Lounge has some ideas for you.


Catch a Movie Together
Find a movie that you both enjoy and forget about the rest of the world or go to the cinema and watch the latest blockbusters while spoiling mum with large caramel popcorn, hot dog, a large beverage and her favourite chocolate bar. Now doesn’t that sound like a plan?

Check out the movie lineups this week at Century Cinemax Sarit Centre, Century Cinemax Garden City, Century Cinemax Junction Mall or Mega Cinema Kisumu


Treat mum with her favourite meal from her favourite restaurant
There’s nothing like treating your mum to her favourite dish when she least expects it. Treat her to a dining experience at her favourite restaurant. Our recommendations are, Ocean Basket Grilll Shack, Sarova Panafric, Li’s Chinese Restaurant, Gogol Pizza, and Pork Basket, if you are in Diani Safari Beach have a special treat for Mum’s or travel upcountry to Naro Moru River Lodge and an overnight stay with a specially designed Mothers Day menu.


Take Mum on a Trip
Treat Mum for that well-deserved vacation. You could go on Safari, Beach Holiday or take advantage of the City Staycation Offers. Our recommendation is – Billionaire Retreat in Malindi, book her a trip to Seychelles or get her an Airline ticket to Europe with Ethiopian Airlines‘ special discount offer.


Relieve the old times with the household favourite games
Every family has a favourite game. Be it Charades, Scrabble, Pictionary, Poker or Ludo etc or even do a Puzzle Together


Recreate an old photograph of her
You could recreate a photograph of your mum and get a nice creative well-designed frame and place it on her bedside table to give her a nice special surprise when she wakes up on Sunday Morning


Learn something new or do an outdoor activity together
You could do a painting, learn a language, do yoga sessions or learn a sport together.


Spa or Pampering Day with Mum
Go for a Mum and You Pampering session at any of the several Spa’s located countrywide where you can get a massage, get a manicure and pedicure and also treat mum to a new hairdo, make up session or get her nails painted with the latest new trends. Our recommendation is Golden Bliss Spa


Tiktok Video
Do a Tiktok Video together with one of the latest trending dance moves


Homecooked Meal for Mum
You can make a home-cooked meal for Mum with a special ingredient of ‘Love” this Mother’s Day. You could surprise her with breakfast in bed! Or you could enter her recipe for the Cook-Off and get a chance to stand to be featured in a cooking competition at the Panari Hotel Nairobi


Happy Mother’s Day!

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