Great Year End Offers On Kitchen Appliances By Kaiser Kenya

Visit Our Showroom and Grab Great Offers On Kitchen Appliances By Kaiser Kenya

As the festive season is here with us Kaiser Kenya has got some great offers on their kitchen appliances.

Year-End Promo –  20% Discount On All Appliances

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Here is a wide range of Kitchen appliances from Kaiser Kenya for this festive season

Freestanding Cookers

Kaiser has the best freestanding cookers which make cooking comfortable & fun. Our engineers & designers always use modern technology to ensure all our customer’s requirements are fulfiled.

Great Offers On Kitchen Appliances By Kaiser Kenya

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Kaiser Built-in Ovens

Kaiser built-in ovens are characterized not only by low energy consumption but also by a very user-friendly operation and simple maintenance. Our multifunctional ovens offer an exceptional variety of ways that ensure the optimal preparation of your favourite dishes.

Great Offers On Kitchen Appliances By Kaiser Kenya

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Induction Hob

The induction hob is the smartest hob and they have the fastest heating rate for example 4 litres of Water can be boiled in only 9 minutes.

Great Offers On Kitchen Appliances By Kaiser Kenya

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Cooker Hood

Kaiser Cooker Hood takes away steam and unpleasant smells.

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Kaiser microwaves have elegant and retro designs, finishing in stainless steel with an anti-touch effect.

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Kaiser reliable refrigerators for good storage or maintenance of fresh and healthy foods

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At Kaiser, we are always available for communication on:

Showroom: +254 725 507 507

Emily: +254 725 502 502

Aysha- +254 725 099 599

NB: All numbers accessible via WhatsApp.

Visit us at our Showroom at Block A, Ground Floor, Merchant Square, Riverside Drive, Nairobi

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Instagram: @kaiser.kenya
Facebook: @kaiserkenya




Kaiser Kenya is a High-Quality German Kitchen Appliance brand that can provide all the solutions, be it individual retail sales or wholesale distribution. The company is a family-owned business that was first formed in central Berlin, Germany in 1995. We have been innovating and producing cutting-edge technology for our clients consistently over the past 25 years. Since then, Kaiser has won several prestigious awards in Germany such as the ‘Brand award winner’ for best innovative designs for the years of 2017 – 2018, and 2020 – 2021 respectively.

We are the official exclusive distributors of Kaiser in Kenya from Olan-Haushaltsgerate in Berlin, Germany.

Kaiser is distinguished not only by the most modern technology, intelligent functions, and innovative designs, but also with the attention to detail that goes into the production of each, and every component to provide the highest quality. With high investments in the development of technical achievement and in design, we pursue the purpose – to transfer Power in action of all our models to our esteemed clients.

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