Golf For Beginners By Rizwan Charania

Golf For Beginners

“Keeping your Head down” The Misconception

How many times have you heard fellow playing partners and caddies tell you to keep your head down straight after you’ve topped one down the fairway? I am assuming you hear it a lot.

Keeping your head down can cause a variety of swing (and back) problems. Keeping your head down on your back-swing actually will cause your head to get in the way and restrict your body turn. One of the most common mistakes that would occur would be your arms and upper body will lift upward instead of around, and you’ll most likely swing with an upright, outside-in swing path, casing a slice or weak ball flight with no power.

I believe that the right way to manage your head is to keep it out of the way. This starts with correct posture. Maintaining a straight spine, from your tailbone to the top of your head. By standing tall, your body can rotate under your head more effectively and keep your swing on a more correct plane. This not only leads to better swings, it also helps keep your back and neck from getting injured, a common occurrence among golfers with bad posture or who have been told to keep their head down.

Allow your head to move naturally with your shoulder and neck rotation!!! Two former World number one players David Duval and Anika Sorenstam at impact below. Notice how their heads move with their bodies at release to allow for maximum power and ability to release their clubs.

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