Gogol Pizza: The Home of Feel Good Pizza!

Gogol Pizza: The Home of Feel Good Pizza!

If we’re honest with ourselves when we think of real comfort food, only a very few indulgences come to mind. Pizza as is, will always come in at the top of any of our lists, and quite rightly so. But when you look around, not many eateries in Kenya’s capital top our personal lists as a favourite go-to, time and time again. Well, we’re here to unequivocally say you haven’t tasted pizza this good before, and once you do, we guarantee you’ll be back for more. It is hard to actually depict what you experience at Gogol’s when gnawing down on your favourites – but here we go. Think of the finest imported Italian cheeses evenly baked on a thin crunchy base (no none of that soggy deep-pan malarkey going on here), that’s been plastered with a pure homemade herbed tomato sauce, and speckled with the freshest of seasonal ingredients – a pizza so good that it’ll have you saying ‘Mamma Mia that was Bellisimo’. Welcome to the Home of Authentic Feel-Good Italian Pizza, Welcome to Gogol’s Pizza in Loresho Nairobi.

Gogol prides itself in making every dish fresh from start-to-finish. So sit back, relax and enjoy a thirst-quenching selection of beverages whilst flicking through their amazing menus, turning each page in total awe. As you pick-out one delectable treat after another and wait patiently for what’s to come, what shortly ensues is a dance of aromas of fresh bread and cheese melting at 400◦C in a traditional wood-fired Italian pizza oven.


After having completed his studies in Perugia-Italy, Restaurant owner, artist and entrepreneur Nur Ali always dreamt of one day recreating a piece of the old charming city wherever he would settle down. A Somalian by birth, with Italian and Finnish roots, when Nur’s living masterpiece (the restaurant) was ready to be unveiled – he named it Gogol – which in Somali means a gathering or sharing. The décor at this restaurant, although almost unnoticeable from the exterior of the restaurant, truly sweeps you off your feet and right into old Italy, complete with its charms, vistas & architectural inspirations.

As the slogan suggests, ‘Cheese From Italy, Love from Kenya’, and with that pointer in mind – as with any dining experience where everything is made fresh – we recommend you start off with appetizers.

For starters, considering how good they are, we recommend literally anything on the list that piques your interest. Here’s just some of what made we recommend you try; the Burrata (with Baby Spinach and Strips of Focaccia), the Avacado Salad (with Tuna & Feta), the Bresaola (with Grana Padano & Rocket Salad) and the must-try Parmigiana (with Eggplant, Tomato Sauce and Parmesan Cheese).

Although Gogol’s has much more to offer, you’re here for their delicious pizza and we recommend; the Prosciutto E Funghi (Beef Prosciutto & Garden Mushrooms), the 4 Cheeses (Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Scarmoza and Crispy Fried Onions) and the Tonno (Tuna & Black Olives). From the international section if pineapple on pizza tickles your fancy, then the Hawai really hits the spot.

For dessert it’s got to be our favourites; the Tiramisu, the Calzoncino (with Nutella & Grated Coconut) or their famous Homemade Ice Creams.


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