Five Activities To Participate In Outdoors, While Social Distancing In Nairobi

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For the past few months, we have been stuck indoors for the sake of our health and safety. While there have been great things that have come out of the world being in lock down, it would be a lie to say that most of us have not missed the freedom of the outdoors. So, as society slowly begins to
reopen and restrictions on our movements start to lift, it is finally time to take advantage of leaving your home, getting fresh air and reconnecting with the world.


Here are five activities you can take up while socially distancing outdoors. Some are in Nairobi while others are just a short drive outside of the city:


Take a trip to Nairobi National Park: although access to Maasai Mara has finally been allowed and many have taken this opportunity to see the great migration, people are rightfully wary of going to hotels and lodges. Therefore, living in Nairobi easily solves the urge to go on a long game drive and be surrounded by the beauty of wildlife without having to leave the city! Best of all, Nairobi National Park is the only game park in the world this close to a city, so take advantage of this experience while also maintaining the social distancing regulations.


Walk in the fresh air of Karura Forest: this is a personal favourite because it is the safest way to meet up with friends but also be surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere. There are so many routes to take, so even if you go once a week for the next few months, you will never be bored with your surroundings. Best of all, it is the perfect location to keep up with your fitness as most gyms remain closed.


Play some golf: not something everyone would enjoy, but if you are looking for a hobby where you can be outdoors, exercise and also learn a new skill, it is a great sport to take up. Granted it is difficult and expensive but try to find a family member or friend who already plays so you can learn from them and also borrow their clubs.


Have a picnic near Tigoni Waterfalls: if you want an escape, Tigoni is the ideal place to have a relaxing lunch in a rustic paradise, just 30 minutes outside of Nairobi. Be surrounded by nature by taking a stroll through eucalyptus woodlands and marvel at the beautiful 18m Tigoni Waterfalls set in a lush green riverine forest. There are also incredible views of the shimmering green tea fields grown nearby.


Cycle on the Swara Plains: this animal conservancy on the foot of the Lukenya Hills is also less than an hour outside of Nairobi. It is not every day that you get to cycle with wild animals all around you, and therefore Swara offers a unique and thrilling experience for cyclists of all abilities.



Article by Sanika Shah

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