Fighting Viruses Off!

Having a strong immunity does not need to be complex or complicated.


At Healthy U, we believe in knowledge and empowerment to allow you to protect both yourself and your loved ones. With today’s concerns, we want to equip you with the correct tools and equipment to allow you to best tackle situations. As we are all concerned with the global situation, understanding what a virus is and how best to prevent it may be the best way to tackle the situation.


What is a virus?

Viruses are small microscopic parasites, even smaller than bacteria. Quite interestingly, viruses are mysteriously in the grey area of being a living / non-living thing. Viruses cannot function outside of a host body, therefore, they travel and enter a body through respiratory passages or open wounds. Once inside the body, they attach themselves to host cells. This is where they will ‘hijack’ the cell by taking it over to produce more virions, destroys the cell and moves on to produce more.


How can I cure it?

Unfortunately viral infections are not treatable with antibiotics. Therefore, with no drugs available, strengthening and supporting the immune system is of uttermost importance. That is why prevention is very key! One must make sure that their body is adequately equipped with the tools to fight off viruses.


How can I protect myself at home?

Fighting off viruses may be done from the kitchen! We have managed to compile a list of household staples that may be essential in this time period.



  • Garlic has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years!
  • It is known as a great anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredient.
  • A simple (but maybe not so pleasant) way to avoid treatment is to chew raw garlic to help fight infections.

Green tea

  • Already known as a powerful drink, green may also help to ward off viruses.
  • Green tea has antioxidants which may help to boost immunity by blocking enzymatic action of viruses, stopping them from reproducing.



  • Although sweet, liquorice is believed to have powerful antiviral properties that may also stops the reproduction of viruses in one’s body.
  • This has been used in Chinese medicine for a very long time.


Herbs – Oregano, Sage and Basil

  • These herbs may help to increase immunity, fight off infections, and may have tremendous anti-viral properties.



  • Ginger is known to potentially prevent the growth of viruses within one’s body.
  • It may also to help counteract viral infections.


Add these ingredients within your diet for an added anti-viral boost and immunity support! And as always, we recommend that the best preliminary way to protect yourself is with supplements.



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