A transformative journey by women for women

Kenya’s first year to welcome an exceptional ‘for women only’ event in Nairobi on November, 2 and 3, 2019 hosted at Tribe Hotel, Nairobi.

A growing global-awakening sisterhood festival.

Welcome to the 1st edition of Festival du Féminin® in Nairobi, an internationally registered event for women of every culture to experience awakening and empowerment in a safe and intimate environment. Festival du Féminin® is a journey of self-discovery that allows us to feel, access and reconnect with the multiple facets of ourselves, breaking away from the rigid expectations of peers, parents, colleagues, partners, and society at large. Women empower one another when they connect with their inner selves, with one another, and with the world. Founded in Paris, this sisterhood movement has since spread to more than 10 countries (Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, India, Morocco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand) while new projects are starting in Indonesia, China, and the Middle East. The vision of Festival du Féminin® is to bring together a large tribe of women, giving them opportunities to meet, share, transmit, honour and celebrate precious moments of their lives and inner paths. It invites them to discover, or rediscover, the power, the sweetness, the safety of bonds and friendships connecting and feeling what they have in common, and to explore the lights and shadows inside them and to heal their lineage wounds.

Meet our Thought Leaders, Speakers, Facilitators, Artists!

* Alex Chichon * Alice Blanchard * Amber Van Den Berg * Amina Foramitti * Cathy Kilonzo * Claudia Milena Vaca * Gaby * Gisèle Baradel * Emily Onyango * Hodan Mohamed * Jean Sangale * Jenna Amersi * Jessica Proctor Pelham * Kelly Aburi * Laura Mariani * Linda Blanc * Madhvi Dalal * Maève Michel * Marianne Verrijt * Mary M’Mukindia *Milena * Narissa Allibhai * Niketa * Noor Vaiani * Onyxe Antara * Pauline Macharia * Pinky Ghelani * Rebecca Lolosoli * Riya Sharma Shah * Rosaia Ruberto * Salma

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