Father’s Day with Wildlife Enthusiast’ Hardik Shiva Vyas

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As we celebrate Father’s day on Sunday 21st June 2020, the significance of this particular day is very important to us in many ways as the term ” Father” can have many different important roles in everybody’s life.


First of all we have our Father God who blessed us with life upon our souls to come onto this universe (Shiva), then we have our Earth fathers who helped us physically manifest into this world and nurtured us from Birth till we were strong on our feet and Mind ready to face this world.


Then as the Italians say that a person should have two fathers including a Godfather to take care of them in this world to come up with dignity pride and integrity and who look after us like the Male Lion when we are vulnerable to the jackals and hyenas of society,  all play a crucial role in preparing us for serving the same for the next generation.


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During this pandemic I would like to mention a friend who has been a father to hundreds of thousands of children in kenya by the name of Mr Pankaj Shah of @TeamPankaj, he has single handedly taken an initiative to feed the under privileged community of Kenya during this uncertain times and has given us an opportunity to partner up with the team and do the same for serving humanity.



On this Father’s Day it’s my humble request to gift your father a special blessing by sponsoring an orphan a meal through the Team Pankaj initiative or by adopting an orphaned elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a rhino at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy or some of the Lions at our Nairobi National park orphanage.



Happy Fathers Day to all fathers out there protecting the integrity code and all their efforts towards raising us right.


Thanking you all


Hardik Shiva Vyas

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