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TEKWA Cultural Enterprises

Explore Kenya’s History And Culture With TEKWA

We from TEKWA Cultural Enterprises would like to take you to places hitherto untouched by tourism. We would like to show you a different Kenya and bring you in touch with her beautiful people, their rich cultures and their fascinating history. And while traveling up North to East Turkana (Marsabit County) we would like to take you to the “Cradle of Mankind” where we all come from.

Have you ever touched a tree trunk which is 20 million years old? With TEKWA you will have this breath taking experience. Are you curious what a tortoise, or a crocodile or even an elephant looked like 2 Mio years ago?

TEKWA can offer you this amazing encounter up North in Sibiloi National Park. And after a visit to the Museum in Koobi Fora and some professional insights by your tour guide into the development of man from hominid to homo to sapiens, you, with a little bit of imagination, will observe our ancestors, passing by along the shores of Lake Turkana while you are enjoying a cold drink on the terrace of Koobi Fora Research Station.

Besides of delving into the early beginnings of our existence you will also visit traditional villages of those many Nilotic and Cushitic ethnic groups. They will be our topic in next week’s newsletter.


8 – DAY – TOUR

       DATE: DECEMBER 16th  to 23rd 2018

ROUTE: Nairobi – Maralal – South Horr – Loiyangalani – North Horr – Kalacha – Marsabit – Samburu – Nairobi.

12 – DAY – TOUR

        DATE: JANUARY 13th to 24th , 2019

ROUTE: Nairobi – South Horr – Loiyangalani – Koobi For a – Illeret – North Horr – Kalacha –  Marsabit – Samburu – Nairobi

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