Exhibitions Taking Place At The Nairobi National Museums Of Kenya

Exhibitions Taking Place At The National Museums Of Kenya

Exhibitions At The Nairobi National Museums Of Kenya

Ongoing Exhibitions at the Nairobi National Museums of Kenya.

Turkana Tools: The Dawn of Technology

From 2nd Dec 2021 until 28th Feb 2022

Turkana Tools –  Themed the Dawn of Technology was launched on 2nd Dec in Nairobi at the National Museums of Kenya in partnership with the French Embassy in Kenya and Somalia.

Turkana Tool is an exhibition that is a result of 25 years of collaboration between the French Mission Préhistorique au Kenya (MPK) and the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) who, working together as the West Turkana Archaeological Project (WTAP), have made critical discoveries about early human evolution in Kenya.

In particular, 2021 marks the 10-year anniversary since WTAP discovered the world’s oldest (3.3 million-year-old) archaeological site at Lomekwi 3 in West Turkana: a major discovery that showcases Kenya as the ‘cradle of innovation’. When announced in 2015, this game-changing discovery was the subject of a press conference at NMK attended by the Director-General, which was broadcast in global news media.

In 2020, WTAP director Sonia Harmand, with Mathieu Guérin of the French Embassy in Nairobi, developed the CONFMAP (Consolidating the future through Mapping project, which marks this milestone by celebrating and building upon existing Franco-Kenyan cooperation in developing Kenyan paleosciences).

Exhibitions Taking Place At The Nairobi National Museums Of Kenya


Zamani Chronicles by Shujaa Stories/Spellcast/NMK

Exhibitions Taking Place At The Nairobi National Museums Of Kenya

The exhibition is about Heroes of African Prehistory research. It’s celebrating the unsung heroes in African prehistory. The exhibition began in the last two weeks of October and is taking place at the Small Temporary Exhibition hall and will close by end of December 2021.



Pollination and Beekeeping Exhibition

Beekeeping is an ancient practice that has existed for thousands of years along with human civilization. Unfortunately, knowledge in beekeeping, as well as bee pollination, is virtually low in Kenya. The beekeeping exhibition aims to promote knowledge in beekeeping and the role of bees in economic development as well as cultural practices and beliefs.
Given the unique intelligence of honeybees, the exhibition also aims to promote STEM education among scholars at all levels interested in research and development.

Watu, Viatu na Mavazi by Erik Stikky – February 2022

Renaissance of a vision 3 (Exhibition addressing a National Art Gallery) NMK –
February 2022

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