Etihad Airways introduces transfer flights across the world throughout June 2020

Fly via Abu Dhabi to 20 destinations across Europe, Asia and Australia. The new transfer network started from 10th June 2020.


Transfer to Europe, Asia and Australia via Abu Dhabi


Guests can fly via Abu Dhabi to destinations across Europe, Asia and Australia. As the Airlines network continues to grow, the flight schedules will be updated regularly to make sure they keep the world connected.


Find out more about our transfer network attached or at


Flying to and from Abu Dhabi

Until 30 June 2020, our inbound and outbound flights from Abu Dhabi are available to 20 destinations. To travel on our inbound flights to Abu Dhabi, guests must hold a valid UAE resident visa and ICA approval number. Guests will not be permitted to enter the UAE otherwise.


Flight frequency

• Amsterdam: 2 x weekly
• Barcelona: 2 x weekly
• Brussels: 2 x weekly
• Dublin: 2 x weekly
• Frankfurt: Daily
• Geneva: 2 x weekly
• Jakarta: 4 x weekly
• Karachi: 2 x weekly (inbound only)
• Kuala Lumpur: 4 x weekly
• London: Daily
• Madrid: 2 x weekly
• Manila: Outbound 2 x weekly, inbound 4 x weekly
• Melbourne: 5 x weekly
• Milan: Daily
• Paris: Daily
• Seoul: Daily
• Singapore: 4 x weekly
• Sydney: 2 x weekly
• Tokyo Narita: 3 x weekly
• Zurich: 4 x weekly

All the flights can only be booked through a GDS and full information can be found at For more information, please contact your local Etihad Airways representative.

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