Ethiopia Holiday Packages – Land Of Origins

Ethiopia Holiday Packages - Land Of Origins

Land Of Origin – Ethiopia Holiday Packages

As the sun rises in September in Ethiopia, right after the long rainy season, we await to take you on an experience of a life time on our different holiday packages to the Land Of Origins, Ethiopia.  

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MESKEL FESTVAL one of the most important ecclesiastical holidays in the Ethiopian Orthodox calendar observed with great celebration and festivity, it is also known as The Finding of the True Cross. Celebrated in September 2021.

TIMKET CELEBRATION – Timket is an Orthodox Christian occasion to mark the baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan. People travel to Ethiopia to take part in Timket which involves processions, singing, and dancing. Timket happens in the month of January.

ETHIOPIAN GREAT RUN – is an annual 10-kilometre road running event which takes place in November in Addis Ababa, this year it is happening 14th November 2021. It is Africa’s Biggest Fun Run.

ADDIS ABABA (NEW FLOWER) CITY TOUR – meet Lucy (the oldest human ancestor remain who was discovered in Ethiopia), experience culture, exquisite food, shopping, nightlife and the marvel of the Ethiopian Coffee (Ethiopia’s gift to the world) and more.


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