The Perfect Meal For Two At Li’s Chinese Gigiri

Looking for an ideal place to meet-up over a meal, somewhere you can actually hear each other over all that noise, have a decent conversation with a friend, or one that’s a little more romantic with your partner, enjoy great drinks and unforgettable dishes in a relaxing and calming environment, whether for lunch or for dinner – does almost seem like a pipe dream for many restaurants in the busy city of Nairobi – and as a keen observer, few seemed to have struck the perfect balance. But one did, after having had immense success with their first location in Mombasa. Over the last couple of months Li’s Chinese Restaurant Gigiri has grown to become one of the favourite highlights on the capitals avid dining scene, as a popular go-to restaurant for extraordinary Indo-Chinese cuisine, and there is no surprise why.

With daily direct access to Kenya’s very best meat & seafood supplies (a sister company of Li’s), combined with skilled cooking techniques and time-honoured recipes, that have constantly been refined, and taste-tested, before dishes are added onto their menus – is just one reason why Li’s has garnered such a huge following. Creating inclusive and relaxing environments where their diners can truly enjoy their meals in, is the other. So here’s why we recommend Li’s Chinese Restaurant Gigiri as a Perfect Venue for 2. 

Let’s Start Off With Drinks On The Terrace

When the invitation is a little less formal, like a casual meal between friends, or your weekly lunch date or dinner date with your spouse. Li’s selection of cocktails, mocktails, wines, freshly squeezed juices and more, are a great way to pique your palates, work-up an appetite, and set the tone for things to come.

A Great Selection Of Cocktails, Mocktails & More
Semi-Private Seating on Li’s Terraces

Inviting Cozy Interiors & Great Service Awaits

If a relaxing drink on the terrace isn’t on the agenda, then a relaxing sit down in Li’s cozy waiting area will be, and is a great way to get you off your feet and into the right mood. At Li’s they totally understand your needs, and really work with your pace. If you’re in a rush like we were, simply let the hostess know. 

A Plush & Inviting Welcome Area

Some Wonderful Moments Shared & Captured at the Iconic Li’s Restaurant Gigiri’s Waiting Area

Next you are led to your named tables, where your dedicated servers are at hand to help you make the choicest selections based on your personal preference.

Dedicated & Attentive Table Service

So What’s On The Menu For Two

Well it all depends. If you’re there for a quick lunch, take advantage of Li’s Special Lunchtime Combo’s where you can enjoy fantastic deals like; a Veg or a Non-Veg Dish, with Rice or Noodle Dish, and a Veggie Spring Roll for just 1,200Kshs p.p. Or a discounted rate on one of their Chefs Specials, with a Rice or Noodle Dish at just 1,500Kshs p.p.

Chefs Preparing Meals In Li’s Open View Kitchens

It is a meal for 2, and nothing’s more customary than beginning a meal together over a fabulous array of biting’s, you can both share. Here are some of Li’s mouth-watering Signature Starters you simply must-try. Start with your own soups ofcourse, here we recommend the delicious Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup or the Tom Yum Prawn Soup. Then onto some of these scintillating appetizers, like the; Golden Fried Prawns, Spicy Chicken Wings, Li’s Lamb Spare Ribs, Chicken Lollipops, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Chilli Garlic Paneer, Chilli Cashew Nuts or Li’s Crispy Beef. If you’re on a date we recommend the Peking Duck Pancakes (thank us later).

Hopefully you got through some of those, and you’re now ready for your Main Courses. Here are some of Li’s recommendations you’d love to share; the Schezwan Lamb, the Sizzling Beef, the Sweet & Sour Prawns, the Cashew Nut Chicken and the Vegetable Manchurian. For lunch or dinner date’s try the Chilli Garlic Ginger Lobster or the Hong Kong Style Crab.

Nothing ends a meal for two better than a Refreshing Dessert, and here at Li’s, the culinary teams understand the value of a classic dessert to end a perfect meal. Try the fresh Lychee’s, the Date Pancakes or the Banana Fritters with 2 Scoops of your favourite flavours of Ice-Cream ofcourse.


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