Enjoy Our Juicy Burgers At Grilll Shack

Don't Miss Out Our Pork Burger With Fries Offer At Grilll Shack

Satisfy Your Taste With Our Burgers At Grilll Shack

Come & have a good time at Grilll Shack with our amazing burgers

Cheese Burger


Beef Burger


Milkshakes At Grilll Shack

Enjoy our amazing milkshakes at Grilll Shack.

The Milkshake That Sticks In Your Heart!

Popcorn Milkshake


Oreo Milkshake


Succulent Steaks At Grilll Shack

At Grilll Shack we grill your steak with the finest precision and skill. This is not just meat! It is a Juicy, Delicious steak made with love and from the heart of kitchen excellence!

NZ Rump & T-Bone 


Dubai Special Fillet & NZ Fillet


Ribs At Grilll Shack

Delight in our sumptuous ribs at the Grilll Shack, because happiness is served slow, smoked, and sauced.

Beef Ribs Half & Short Half Ribs


For Reservation Call us on 0700935512

Call us on 0700935512 to reserve a table and


How To Get There

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