Enjoy 60 Days Free Storage Offer For Your Products With Sendy

Sendy Free Storage Offer

Grow Your Business With The Sendy Fulfillment Service. Enjoy 60 Days Free Storage Offer For Your Products

Are you a business owner and have been struggling with shipping orders to your customers? Then Sendy has got you covered because they have introduced a new service called the Sendy Fulfillment. This service will pick, pack and ship your orders to your customers so that you as a business owner can spend time growing your business. What’s more, they provide a 60-day free storage offer.

Sendy Fulfillment is a platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses reduce the total distribution costs and sell more through picking, packing and shipping products from the businesses to customers. They offer you real-time updates where you and your customers get to know the exact location of your order while in transit. Your customer also has the ability to schedule shipping time and place according to their convenience.

In addition to that, Sendy Fulfillment is very cost-effective as it delivers to your customers from the nearest fulfilment centre (a warehouse where your goods are stored) for as little as $0.1. This cost covers everything needed to get products to your customers.

Sign Up to Sendy Fulfillment and do more

  • 100 Orders Fulfilled for Free for 30 days
  • Pick Up from your Business
  • Tracking Inventory & Shipment
  • 3 Shipping Attempts to your Customers

Sendy Free Storage Offer

How Does Sendy Fulfillment Service Work?

1) Send Them Your Products

Select products and add products that you want to be fulfilled from the Sendy App.

2) They Store Your Products 

We store your products in our fulfillment centre. This saves you time and shipping costs.

3) They Pack & Ship Your Orders

As you sell we will automatically pick, pack, and ship the orders to your customers.

4) They Delight Your Customers

They receive real-time updates from the time we start packing items to their doorstep. No more phone calls.

Sendy Free Storage Offer


Sendy Free Storage Offer

Download The Sendy Fulfillment App


For More Information Contact Us On:

Tel: +254 709 779 779 Email: support@sendyit.com


They are the leading African platform that enables businesses & individuals to do more (trade) with ease. They believe that everyone should be able to participate and thrive in Africa’s economies. They believe when they improve supply chains, then businesses and transporters will trade more, and when they do, our communities will move forward.

They currently provide 3 services and they include:

  • Fulfillment Services
  • Road Freight
  • Retail & Supply

For More Information Contact Us On:

Tel: +254 709 779 779 Email: support@sendyit.com




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