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Unveiling The ZURI by Isuzu – The Ultimate Transport Solution for Corporate, Hospitality & Schools


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Corporate Transport

Whether you are shuttling executives to corporate conferences or your employees to work, ZURI by Isuzu provides safe and reliable transport solution for your organization.

Your organization’s journey towards excellence starts with everyone getting to work early, you can trust ZURI’S reliability to help you do this, after all, time is money.

The comfortable seating arrangement and the smooth ride provides unmatched comfort allowing passengers adequate creative time during transit.

The guaranteed peace of mind will get your employees bursting with creative ideas birthed on their way to work.

To get yours, please call 0800 724 724 today.


Hospitality: (Tours, Hotel, and Airport transfers)

A remarkable experience for your guests is the sum of all their experiences, pick-ups and drop offs included. That is why you can trust ZURI by Isuzu to help you create incredible memories.

Its comfortable seating arrangement, which can be adjusted depending on the groups needs plus an efficient air conditioning system creates an environment of perfect relaxation.

The large panoramic windows and the smooth ride allow the guests to enjoy all the scenic views. Additionally, the spacious luggage compartments ensure that everything needed to the perfect memory is carried along.

To get yours, please call 0800 724 724 today.

Sharing Moments of The Tour Operators Society of Kenya Cocktail Sponsored by Isuzu East Africa in March 2021


International Schools.

Shuttling students between home and school safely and in good time, is at the core of outstanding school administration. That is why every school administrator needs ZURI by Isuzu, safety and reliability guaranteed.

The harmonic and modern exterior design will enhance the image of your school, making your institution look progressive, in line with the dynamic learning culture.

Learning for the young ones should be fun, safe, and interactive. ZURI bus provides a perfect start to the learning day for our children! Do you perhaps want them to learn about the weather or the traffic situation on their way to school, the large panoramic windows will help you do this? How about instilling lifelong habits such as road safety? Reminding them to buckle up before the start of every journey will create and sustain the habit.  The school experience should not be boring, let ZURI help you create remarkable learning experiences for your students.

To get yours, please call 0800 724 724 today.


Zuri. Creating memories.


Isuzu East Africa (Isuzu EA) is driven by a strong desire to provide transport solutions to our customers’ dynamic needs as demonstrated through our transformation into a “Trusted Logistics Partner” for our customers.

Isuzu EA has been the leading local vehicle assembler in Kenya for the last nine years in a row with over 95% of sales in the light and heavy commercial vehicles segment. In 2020 the company closed the year with a historic 45.4% market share of new vehicles sold in the country. This success has been driven by the outstanding support of customers and business partners who continue to demonstrate confidence in Isuzu’s enduring legacy.

In the city, in the country, from home, to work, students, employees, the general public, whatever the destination, whoever the passengers, when it comes to reliable and dependable transportation, one bus features prominently as the number one choice, the ISUZU bus.

ISUZU is the leading ISUZU EA brand, famous for its durability, reliability and cost effectiveness. The powerful, low emission engines and amazing fuel efficiency make the Isuzu buses environmentally friendly. It is available from; 25-seat, 29-seat, 33-seat, 37-seat, 46-seat and 67 seat.



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