Elgon Magnar Shade Nets

Shade nets are made from lightweight knitted polythene fabric that provides people and plants with protection from the sun. Shade net fabric is available in densities ranging from 45% to 90% to suit the unique needs of different types of plants, flowers and crops. It can be used with greenhouses, hoop structures and in field applications. Additional uses include fences, windscreens and privacy barriers. Shade material is rot and mildew resistant, does not become brittle and is water permeable. It offers superior ventilation, improves light diffusion and keeps greenhouses cooler. As a result, shade nets can help to lower energy costs by reducing the need to run fans as often in the warmer months. Installing shade net is quick and easy as is taking it down during the off-peak season.


Elgon Magnar Black shade net is UV treated and a great secret ally for growing your produce. Sunlight, together with other environmental factors, allows plants to adapt to environmental conditions. For decades attempts have been made to manipulate plant morphology and physiology. This has been done using photo selective filters, especially in greenhouses.


Elgon Magnar shade net has been developed for this purpose in order to manipulate the growth and development of plants. This shade net can be used outdoors or in a shade house, as well as in a greenhouse. It can provide physical protection (from birds, hail, insects, excessive radiation), affect environmental modification (humidity, shade, temperature) and increase the relative proportion of scattered light.


Things to consider when choosing the right shade net

  1. Using deep shade nets in hot locations and light ones in cooler locations
  2. Age of the crop. Using deep nets for the tender stage in the nursery and the light ones during the hardening stage or when the crop is more mature
  3. Crop type. Some crops thrive best when shaded and others will prefer to be fully exposed to sunlight
  4. By the growing method- Whether greenhouse or open field: – A greenhouse shade net will reduce the heat in the greenhouse structure.


These factors are normally considered when choosing the right shade net on the farm. 90% nets are ideal for vegetable crop nurseries as the crop is very tender and vulnerable to heat stress. 75% nets are used in fruit tree or forestry nurseries because the plants are more heat tolerant than their vegetable counter parts. The choice of using 30% or 55% shade during the hardening stage depends on the state of the seedlings, and the prevailing climatic conditions.


Why the shade percentage is important

The density of the shade is determined by the amount of the light blocked by the shade. For instance, the definition of 80% shade is that only 20% of light passes through it. Vegetables require a shade percentage of between 30 and 50%.



Advantages of Elgon Magnar Shade Net:

  • Do not get Decay/rot
  • Nets are easy to carry and easy to install
  • Easy to relocate
  • A shade percentage of 45-50% is ideal for vegetables and flowers.
  • They are ideal for gardens, plant nurseries, home terrace gardening.
  • Minimizes plant hassle and wind pressures to avoid damage to plants, enhances photosynthesis to stimulate plant growth.
  • Conserves water
  • Protects plants from pests and diseases



Elgon Magnar Shade Nets

  • UV treated
  • 6m width
  • 100m length
  • 45-50% shade


  • 6mx20m @ 9000ksh
  • 6mx40m @ 17760ksh
  • 6mx60m @ 26280ksh
  • 6mx80m @ 34560ksh
  • 6mx100m@ 42600ksh


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