Elgon Magnar Multipurpose Power Sprayer

Are you looking for a multipurpose power sprayer for your farm? We have desirable experience in supplying quality power sprayers to small- and large-scale farmers over the years. Our sprayers are top performers, trusted by professionals and we guarantee affordable prices.


Elgon magnar multi-purpose Sprayers are heavy-duty, making them efficient for both big or small pest and weed control applications around homes and landscapes depending on the litre capacity you require.


Our product quality and reliability has continued to earn us the trust of our customers countrywide. They are happy that we stock products that ensure their comfort and noticeably increase productivity on there farms.



Elgon Magnar Multipurpose Power Sprayer – 60L


  1. 5hp, 4stroke engine
  2. Petrol powered OHV engine
  3. High pressure brass pump
  4. 0/30bars pressure adjacent
  5. Produces fog, mist & jet (6m height)
  6. 50m high pressure pressure hose
  7. with 1 adjustable gun
  8. Pencil spray to mist spraying for very fine droplets





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