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Elgon Magnar irrigation systems is the leading provider of irrigation solutions. Our company offers the widest range of cost-effective and customized irrigation technologies across the country. With our many years of experience, we design high quality solutions that deliver increased productivity per unit of resources.


As water supplies dwindle, occasioned by erratic weather patterns, there has been growing calls to embrace water preservation and efficient techniques that allow judicious water use. This, at a time when studies show that Kenya still remains one of the most water stressed countries.


But even as the country looks to technology to conserve water, cost and quality have conspired to defeat this resolve. Water solutions like pumps, irrigation kits and machines, mostly imported have been out of reach for majority who need them. Cognizant of the role of these water conservation technologies to the country’s sustainable development agenda, agro input company Elgon Kenya has introduced a new line of innovations. Dubbed Elgon Magnar irrigation systems, the technologies that include irrigation kits, washing machines, water pumps, sprayer are designed in Europe, guaranteeing high quality. By Elgon Kenya choosing to do direct imports, it is working to make them affordable to its customers. “We are embracing the same model we did with the Thabiti fertilizers.



The solutions target areas that use a lot of water and have potential to encourage wastage among them agriculture and home use. Water wastage remains a costly affair which does not only affect individual households, but also the country in terms of rationing’s in a bid to preserve the little that is available. In an ironic twist, despite Kenya being ranked one of the most water scarce countries in the world, it has equally been listed as among countries that waste a lot of water.


The Elgon Magnar irrigation systems have positioned themselves as a front-runner in the market for their ease of availability, durability and being pocket friendly therefore appealing to a wide range of clientele especially smallholder farmers who are particularly bearing the brunt of water scarcity.


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