Diving In The Seychelles A Haven For Divers

Come & Experience A Whole New Level Of Diving In Seychelles

Are you looking for a place to go diving or want to try it out for the first time? Then Seychelles has definitely got some of the best diving spots in the world. Diving is a very interesting and fun sport for anyone looking for an underwater experience and one that enjoys the wonderful world under the oceans. When you come for diving in Seychelles you will have a whole new experience. Indeed, Seychelles is blessed with a beautiful climate and the best time to dive in Seychelles is in the months of April, October or November when the seas are calm and boats can reach the more remote spots where you will often dive with Sharks and Manta Rays. The weather is cooler and more humid during the southeast monsoon season of late May to September. During this period the visibility is lower, however, the presence of lots of plankton brings in the Whale Sharks. The warmest weather is during the northwest monsoon from December to March. The water is always warm, from 25 to 29 Degrees Celsius.


What are the best dive sites in Seychelles?

Some of the best dive sites are Aldabra Atoll, Shark Bank and the Ennerdale Wreck. The main diving islands are Mahé, La Digue and Praslin – part of the inner island group. There are also dive centres on outer islands like Alphonse. Among the best diving centres include:

  • Diving Cruises Seychelles Ltd
  • Big Blue Divers
  • Blue Sea Divers Seychelles
  • Octopus Diving Center
  • Blue Safari Seychelles Diving
  • Hawksbill Dive Center
  • Seychelles Underwater Center
  • Whitetip Divers

The ‘Inner Islands’ provide granite swim-throughs, channels, hideouts and spectacular wrecks home to as many as 800 different marine species. Granite reefs support Soldierfish, Squirrelfish and Sweepers as well as Rays, Octopi, and, of course, Turtles.

The remoter, coralline, ‘Outer Islands’ offer spectacular cave, canyon and wall dives amid glorious corals where larger marine species inhabit waters where few have ventured. Land-based, live aboard and island resort dive centres make diving a pleasure.

Another place where one can go diving is the Sister Islands. Sister islands consist of two small private islands, La Grande Soeur and Le Petit Soeur located 6km of La Digue, they are only accessible by boat. The best season to visit Sister Island is March-May due to calmer weather. They offer a wealth of dive spots and spectacular ocean panoramas, due to inaccessibility the dive sites are un-crowded, which makes for a relaxing trip away from civilization.

Diving In The Seychelles


What’s the recommended experience level for diving in Seychelles?

Seychelles is a haven for divers, home to the world’s largest raised Coral Atoll and a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering scuba diving suitable for all levels. There are a variety of shallow reefs which are perfect for novice divers such as The Vista Bay Rocks. However, if it is the wrecks and drop-offs you want to explore it is advisable to complete your PADI advanced diver so you are qualified, some of the wrecks are below 30meters such as the Ennerdale. Dive courses are available making Seychelles the perfect place to improve your diving.

Whale sharks feed in the top ocean layer, therefore both novice and experienced divers can enjoy the experience of scuba diving with these beautiful fish.



Here is some important information to consider when booking your trip:

  • Information in regards to entry and covid regulations in Seychelles CLICK HERE
  • All passengers travelling to Seychelles needs to apply for a Health Travel Authorization CLICK HERE
  • Most major airlines fly to Seychelles, either via Africa, Europe and the Middle East


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