Discover Seychelles By Island Hopping

Experience The Paradise Of Seychelles Island Hopping

A great way to discover Seychelles is by Island Hopping. It is usually advisable to spend a few days on each of the main islands; Mahé, Praslin and La Digue as well as heading out to some of the smaller and uninhabited islands. This is because each Island has its own charm, its own story & it is unique in a special way.

La Digue

It is the smallest and the one with the slowest and most relaxing pace of the three main islands of the Seychelles. If you’re searching for silence or nature tours, then search no further than La Digue. There are no busses, only a few cars (which are taxis) and virtually no street lights. The only thing you need is a bike and which can be rented at your accommodation or at the port.

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Praslin Island

It’s the second largest island. Often called the “Garden of Eden”, the island contains many of the most beautiful beaches on Seychelles. Due to the small size of Praslin and the easy-to-use bus network, there’s no need to shell out money for a rental car.

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Mahé Island

Mahé is 28 km long and the largest of the 115 Seychelles islands. With almost 72.000 inhabitants, it’s home to roughly 90 percent of the total population of Seychelles.

Mahé is also the location of the city of Victoria, the smallest capital city in the world. The island is suitable for all who desire a variety of entertainment options due to Mahe’s very animated nature as well as having the largest selection of accommodations among the islands. It’s a good idea to make Mahé the last stop of your island hopping journey.

Image courtesy of Chris Close – Tourism Seychelles

The most convenient options for hopping between are the inner islands: Silhouette, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, as well as their smaller neighbours Round, Cerf and Felicite. Many visitors combine a stop on one of these islands with a stay at a more remote destination such as Denis, Desroches or North. Here are our top island-hopping holiday combinations in Seychelles:

  • Denis and Silhouette
  • Praslin and La Digue
  • Mahe, La Digue and Praslin
  • Denis and Mahe
  • Mahe and Silhouette
  • Mahe, Silhouette and Praslin

Why Go Island Hopping In Seychelles


Seychelles Island are famous for their giant tortoise some are old as 200 years. In addition to that, sea turtle, more than 30 species of crabs, lizards & amphibians.

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Visit Remote Island

Through Island, Hopping one gets a chance to visit one of the most remote pristine islands & picture-perfect white sand beaches

Amazing Adventures To Have On A Family Holiday In Seychelles


Pristine Nature

Island Hopping gives you a chance to visit Marine Parks, Nature Reserves & UNESCO World Heritage Sites with preserved nature.

Image courtesy of Michael Denousse – Tourism Seychelles


Island hopping in Seychelles will give you an opportunity to taste the Creole Traditional dishes. For sure you will love the fusion of flavours.

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Diving & Snorkeling

As you tour the Islands of Seychelles you will find opportunities for diving & snorkeling with sea turtles & a great variety of fish. Seychelles has definitely got some of the best diving spots in the world.


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