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Designing your perfect living room is indeed a thrilling and exciting affair, and it should be, after all, you are creating your vision of the perfect area – that’ll be used by the family, to entertain guests, spend relaxing evenings possibly next to a fireplace, and so much more. When it comes to designing yours there are numerous elements to consider, and not just the aesthetically pleasing ones. Seeking the help of professionals is absolutely key, and when it comes to modeling (or remodeling), interior design and décor, you’ll want to work with a trusted name in bespoke interiors & furnishings that offers a complete end-to-end solution for all your needs. Welcome to Panesar, Where Dream Living Rooms Become a Reality.Welcome to Panesar, Where Dream Living Rooms Become a Reality.


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar


Important factors to take into consideration are the layout & functionality of the room i.e. who and how often will the area be used, bespoke seating (consider the different heights and yes the different ages of family members and guests too), professional lighting, the correct use of space, the combination of different materials from woods, to fabrics, to incorporating stone, marble and glass, paintings, sculptures, wall art and how they will all compliment each other, to alluring centrepieces, consoles, side tables and the list goes on. This might have you feeling a little overwhelmed at the seemly mammoth task ahead, but worry not, because the Panesar teams will be with you and guide you every step of the way – so all you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy the process. Here’s an insight by Vir Panesar – CEO, Panesar:


Let Your Living Room be a Reflection of your Personal Character & Style



Choosing the right flooring & carpeting is a great way to set an underlining tone of elegance within your living rooms. From functional and refined hardwoods to special made-to-measure marble flooring, exclusive and unique tiling, lavish carpets, rugs and more – this is surely one area that is often overlooked but should be on your checklist. With Panesar’s expertise in high-quality material sourcing from around the globe, you can be rest assured to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
Bespoke Flooring


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
Luxurious Carpeting


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
The Use of Specially Sourced Hardwoods for a Refined Finish


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
Combining Flooring Materials


Flooring & Carpeting


A Living Room without properly thought-out seating and comfortable relaxation areas, isn’t really going to be fit of any purpose – so paying special attention and focus on this area of living room design is paramount. When it comes to bespoke seating in your living rooms, think about who will be using the living room most often and appropriate seating styles for guests too. Take into consideration heights (in general seats for taller individuals require more depth) and ages (younger individuals enjoy a more comfortable and cozy feel, whilst the elderly require seating that is more upright where they can sit down and get up with ease). This is indeed where Panesar really comes into their own.



Bespoke Seating Styles and Arrangements


Custom Seating Sets


Custom Made Sofas


Luxurious & Comfy


Functional & Comfy


Bespoke Wing Chairs


The Hiraku Range



Special Custom Seating For Different Heights 

Inset: Ritesh Barot who is 7 ft 8 inches tall came to Panesar, looking for a solution and found something he could truly call bespoke.

Panesar is the only bespoke furniture maker in Kenya that are able to truly customize furniture according to any individuals requirements.



Lighting has a direct impact on how your living room looks & feels, and at Panesar the expert design teams will recommend the correct combination of overhead lights, floor and table lamps, uplighters and more to create a truly luxurious yet homely environment for all to enjoy.


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
Recessed Lights & LED Paneling


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
Accentuate the Look of Unique Pieces with the Correct Lighting Applications


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
Bespoke Floor Lamps


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
Recessed Lights


Designing Your Dream Living Room By Panesar
Combination Lighting



When you purchase something as with any buying decision, you often wonder how long it would last long. The same is true when choosing upholstery and curtain fabrics. It is important to take into account several factors, including durability, sun exposure, how often it will be used especially in the case of seating upholstery, if you have pets, if you have children, how often does the fabric need to be cleaned and more. Again this is where the teams at Panesar excel, by not only offering an extensive range of high-quality fabrics with countless options based on your specific requirements but their specialist interior design team guide you through the selection process too.


Matching Upholstery & Drapery


Living Room Fabrics
Living Room Fabrics


Be sure to visit their showroom to see what they have in store, and where their teams will be more than happy to help you seek inspiration with a tour of their workshop while conceptualizing and creating a perfect custom living room from start to finish just for you.


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