Delivery Services at the Comfort of your Home with Onn The Way Supermarket & More

Onn The Way Supermarket has delivery services available for you at the comfort of your doorstep!


We Are Also Available For Delivery On


Onn The Way’s Personal Shopper option, has made shopping from home even easier.

A simple message via WhatsApp to Onn The Way, will get your shopping done and delivered to your doorstep.


Call 0716 102 222 | 0792 822 111 for more details  




Onn The Way supermarkets started with humble beginnings and big ambitions to serve neighborhoods with convenience, close to home. Fully Kenyan owned, Onn The Way provides an excellent range of products with superb service making it a truly unique shopping experience


  • Open 7 Days from 8 am to 8 pm
  • Bargain Prices
  • Farm Fresh Food
  • Earn Reward Points
  • Friendly Service


Within a stone’s throw distance, the neighborhoods which Onn The Way serves, are able to enjoy easy and enjoyable shopping experiences. The shops are well stocked with a variety of products essential to every household. Customers can easily find all they need: from Daily Essentials to Cleaning Supplies to Produce and from the Bakery to the Butchery, every customer will always get what they need.


Easily accessible branches at:

Onn The Way is your GO TO neighborhood store.




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