Deep Fried Turkey With Maple Butter with Chef Kiran Jethwa

Chef Kiran Jethwa

Let’s Get Cooking with Chefs Delight Award-Winning Chef Kiran Jethwa

This week as we are still in the Festive Mood and we bring you a try it at home recipe where Chef Kiran Jethwa as he walks you through how to safely deep fry a turkey and make a delicious Maple Butter Glaze.


Deep-Fried Turkey With Maple Butter from Fearless Food with Kiran Jethwa

Chef Kiran Jethwa
Kiran Jethwa, award-winning restaurateur and world-renowned chef

Kiran Jethwa is a colourful and ambitious 3rd generation Kenyan born in Nairobi. He has an English mother and an Indian father and the influence of the 2 cultures in his life can be clearly seen in his cooking style.

Having completed a BSc in Hospitality management in Manchester, he then travelled all over the world, from the US, to Italy, France, South Africa, South East Asia, South & Central America and Australia to mould his professional abilities and broaden his palate. This combined with growing up in a house where food was the most important occasion, and coming from a family (Originally from Goa) who created fantastic dishes at simple mealtime have all contributed to his comprehensive knowledge of the culinary world.

He is the Chef and owner of one of Nairobi’s premier restaurant companies, Seven Restaurants Ltd. This comprises Seafood & Grill, and Seven Lounge & Grill. In a 4 year span, the restaurants have become the most popular eating destinations for the cosmopolitan Kenyan capital.

Jethwa brings to the screen the unique ability to combine his natural culinary flare with his love for adventure. This was perfectly illustrated with the Launch of his exciting Freshman debut TV show, ‘Tales From The Bush Larder’ with Fox International. The award-winning show has successfully aired a three-season run, set and shot across the African continent and viewed in over 60 countries through Fox’s vast platform headlining on Nat Geo People. The season also aired in Africa on Zuku.

Tales from the Bush Larder 2 was awarded the prestigious “Best T.V Show” at the 2014 Kenyan Kalasha Awards.

His new series, ‘The Fearless Chef’ produced for Fox International Channels promises to pack a riveting punch as Kiran Jethwa traverses the globe showcasing fascinating Ingredients and extreme methods of Harvesting.

Kiran has also been recognized with a number of culinary awards:

The Chefs Delight Awards

Chef Kiran Jethwa
2013: Chefs Delight: Most Innovative Chef 2016: Chef’s Delight: Top Most Innovative Chef 2016: Best ‘Signature’ Seafood Cuisine Restaurant 2016: Best ‘Signature’ Steakhouse Restaurant 2016: Best Individual Restaurant, Chef and Restaurant Teams



Chef Kiran Jethwa Wishes You All A Happy & Prosperous New Year -2022


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Chef Kiran Jethwa



Chefs Delight Awards, Award-Winning Chef

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