Create Healthy Habits

Over the past 50 years, human beings have intellectually progressed more than they have in the past 10,000 years. With this capacity to think larger, do more, be more; we are constantly in motion. We are constantly being valued by performance at work and in relationships which leaves us in a constant frenzy of stress. Over the past decade various studies have shown the benefits of “Slowing down” over and over again. Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Reading, Community based activities or taking a simple walk in the grass are some amazing tools for finding pockets of time in your otherwise busy schedule.


“If you don’t have time to meditate for 5 minutes, then meditate for an hour.”- Zen Proverb


Here are my favourite things to do everyday, tried and tested!


1. Breathe and meditate

Yes it REALLY WORKS! The body is a magical machine maintained by the breath and the pulse. The breath is the wand that can cast spells to manipulate your reality! Here is a simple breath exercise I love doing every morning.

Sit in a comfortable position- take a deep inhale and exhale it out through the mouth- Close your eyes and focus on your breath- As you inhale count to 4- exhale to the count of 6- Repeat 10 times- open your eyes and smile.


2. Hydrate.

Another recipe from mom, DRINK THAT WATER! I usually forget to drink water regularly so I have marked my 1 litre water bottle with lines that indicate water intake corresponding to time of the day. Make this fun by adding some mint leaves/ lemongrass or anything that makes the water yummy.


3. Spend time in nature.

It doesn’t have to be a beach or a park, take a few minutes daily to find a spot that is sunny or has a fresh draft and just sit there without any agenda. If finding space is hard, bring nature to you! Some flowers or a potted plant works well too.


4. Move.

Dedicate at least 30 minutes everyday to move. Go for a jog, dance, gym, walk to do yoga. Moving your body is the quickest way to stimulate happy hormones in the body. Paying attention to your physical health is very important for your mental health.


5. Take care of your mental and emotional body.

Every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed, check in with your emotions and mind. Become intentional about how you feel and what you think. If you feel out of balance, talk to someone or see a professional. Journal your mental health journey. I love journaling about gratitude and listing 3 things I am grateful for everyday.

Last but not the least, do something that you love, everyday! Tell someone you love them, hug your friends, call your family or eat an ice cream. Things that make you joyful boost your health more than anything else. I always remind myself that I might not always be in control of my health but it is my responsibility to listen to it and make the correct plan for wellness. I encourage all of you to “take time” everyday and form habits that help you flourish overall.


With love!

Payal Gori
Co Founder
Karuna Yoga Journeys

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