Choosing the Right Battery for Your Car

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Car

Without your battery, your precious car is not going anywhere, period.

Your battery is a critical component that gets you moving; however, it is one of those things that’s easy to forget about or neglect – this is until it stops working & ruins your plans.


We’ve all experienced the stomach-churning trauma of a dead battery. You need to be somewhere and you’re running late. You jump in, twist the key or push the start button, and…nothing! Or maybe just a sickening click-click. Suddenly you need a jump start, tow or worse, a new battery too!


Because we do not want to see you stranded again, we’ve made sure we have something for every car owner:



BOST is a Korean manufactured battery with advanced technologies that provide excellent energy and extra high security.


Choosing the Right Battery for Your Car


Due to very low battery drain and water flow, Bost batteries do not need any maintenance, thereby making accumulators operate way easier. They provide ultra-high cranking amps, supreme energy efficiency and superior energy starts even in very cruel weather conditions. As well as a longer operational lifetime compared to other accumulators.


Choosing the Right Battery for Your Car


So, no need to panic. Tire World Ltd can perform a free battery test the next time you visit us for a service!

Click on the link below to view more features on Bost Batteries:


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Choosing the Right Battery for Your Car



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