Chicken Envelope Recipe with Chef David Okoth of Eka Hotel Nairobi




Serves 4

  • 4 pcs chicken breasts
  • 80 grams shredded white and green part of leeks
  • 15 grams chopped spring onions
  • 4 pcs thinly sliced cheddar cheese
  • 80 grams shredded collar bacon
  • Some flour (for dusting)
  • Salt and pepper



Step 1:
Wash and cut leeks into slices (green and white part about 40 grms of each part, cut bacon into small cubes (same quantity as leeks). Sauté the bacon and leeks slightly in a shallow frying pan so they are not fully cooked. Let the mixture cool, meanwhile

Step 2:
Cut the chicken breast all the way through and open to form pockets, spoon the bacon and leek mixture equally in each chicken breast, fold back the breast over again and secure with cocktail skewer

Step 3:
Dust the breasts with flour and pan sear in a shallow pan. Pre- heat the oven at 180 deg. Cent, place the chicken in the oven and cook for 8 minutes

Step 4:
Remove the chicken from the oven and place shredded tomatoes and cheese slices on top of the cooked chicken and and cover with cheese slices, flash in the oven again to melt the cheese, serve with a sauce of your liking, I serve this with mild mushroom sauce



Cooking Tip*
The bacon should not be crispy. Leeks should not be over cooked, this dish also goes well with spring onion mashed potatoes, it is easy and quick to prepare.


Chef David Okoth
Executive Chef
Eka Hotel Nairobi


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