Chefs Delight Recipe Raindrop Cake- Gastronomic Pastry By Aakshar Joshi

Raindrop Cake- Gastronomic Pastry By Aakshar Joshi

Try it at home with our Chef Delight  Recipe “Raindrop Cake- Gastronomic Pastry” brought to you by Chef Aakshar Joshi and sponsored by Chefs Delight Awards


  •  ¾ cup of water
  • ⅛ tsp + 1/16 tsp Agar Powder


  • ½ – 1 tbs Nuts of your choice
  • 1-2 tbs Sugar Syrup
  • Edible Flowers
  • Super Semi Whipped Cream of 2 colours


In a small pan mix the Agar Powder and the water and stir till the Agar Powder is fully dissolved into the water

Turn the stove on to a medium flame and bring the mixture to a boil for about a minute without covering it turn the heat off and continue to stir making sure the Agar has fully dissolved if you over-cook it the mixture will reduce a lot making the Raindrop Cake to become rubbery and chewy and will not be crystal clear so try to be accurate

Pour the mixture into a silicon mould and refrigerate between 10 hours to overnight or till when serving as it will melt once taken out of the mould 


Take your coloured whipped cream and splat it all over the plate to give it a raindrop effect as well as some in the centre of the plate in the shape of your cake

Place the cake on top of the cream which you put in the centre and drizzle it with the sugar syrup this will allow you to put the edible flowers on top allowing them to stick.

Dust sprinkle the nuts around the cake adding texture.


Meet Chef Aakshar Joshi

I was born in Leicester, United Kingdom but was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I grew up in the countryside of Tigoni an area that is popularly known for its tea plantations. My culinary journey started with my studies at Top Chefs culinary school which is affiliated with Hotel and Tourism Management Institute in Switzerland.

I have actively worked in the kitchen for 12 years starting my career as a young apprentice at the Tribe Hotels in Nairobi. I built a passion for pastry and desserts and improved my skills through the years to become a Pastry Chef. This was only possible with hard work, determination and a team of advisors around me.

Since then I have worked in some of Kenya’s finest restaurants, these include Sika fine dining at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Award-winning Seven Seafood and Grill, Sugo Italian Restaurant as a Sous Chef and Head Chef at Coffee Casa.

At the age of 27, I believe I am going places as I have trained and led a brigade of some of the toughest chefs in Kenya.

I specialise in fine dining in the comfort of your home or a pop-up in secret locations which consists of a 4 course tasting Italian or Continental menu paired with the finest wine giving you an incredible experience.

The recipe that I have shared is one that I created when I was the Pastry Chef at Sikia Fine Dining. Try it out and Enjoy!

Chefs Delight Awards Nominated Chef

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