Chefs Delight Crunchy Jumbo Prawns Recipe by Planhotel Executive Chef Giacomo Gaspari

Chefs Delight Crunchy Jumbo Prawns Recipe by Planhotel Executive Chef Giacomo Gaspari

Crunchy Jumbo Prawns Recipe by Chef Giacomo Gaspari – Chefs Delight Recipe of the Week

This week’s try it at home “Crunchy Jumbo Prawns in Sesame seeds served in avocado guacamole and chilly prawn sauce, Steamed broccoli and crispy rice” sponsored by Chefs Delight Awards is brought to you by Planhotel Hospitality Group’s Executive Chef Giacomo Gaspari




Chefs Delight Crunchy Jumbo Prawns Recipe by Planhotel Executive Chef Giacomo Gaspari



  • Jumbo prawns 250 grams
  • Sesame Seeds 50 grams
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 150 ml
  • Avocado 100 grams
  • Broccoli 75 grams
  • Crunchy Rice 30 grams
  • Fresh Chilly 10 grams



remove the shells from the jumbo prawns

wash broccoli in cold water

put avocado in cold water with lemon, to avoid colouring of the avocado

Marinate the jumbo prawns in salt and sugar for 10 minutes

Put the jumbo prawns in a mixture of corn flour, egg white and sesame seeds and keep in the fridge before deep frying

Deep fry the jumbo prawns in hot oil at a temperature of 180c for 4 minutes


Spice prawns chilli sauce

Step 1:
Blend the the heads of the prawns and add fresh chilli, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and paper

Step 2:
Sieve the mixture using a fine strainer


Avocado guacamole

Step 1:
Avocado, Salt, black pepper, lime, extra virgin olive oil. Blend with ice cubes to a fine paste.



  • Place the Crunchy Jumbo Prawns in Sesame seeds on a plate with guacamole and spice prawns chilli sauce
  • Add crunchy broccoli
  • Add crispy rice


Chefs Delight Crunchy Jumbo Prawns Recipe by Planhotel Executive Chef Giacomo Gaspari


Bon appétit!


Executive Chef – Planhotel Hospitality Group

Malindi: Diamonds Dream of Africa, Sandies Malindi Dream Garden and Sandies Tropical Village



Chef Profile:
Accomplished and Ayurveda -advocate Chef with strong combination of culinary experience and management skills coupled with award-winning menu preparation background. Extensive experience on food inventory planning, procurement and management on both local and international level.

After various personal studies on nutrition and the combination of fragrances of scents and fragrances of food of various types manages to compose a menu combining the principles of water, the balance of protein and calorie energy /area style/ and Ayurveda culture. All of this is offered by the sum of his 30 years of experiences around the world, and proposes in a simple and natural renewed cuisine, based only on the total well-being of the person.

Chef Gaspari is internationally recognized in charming his guests with the creative art of his dishes, made of natural and low-calorie cuisine. Innovative in “dualism”, creativity of ingredients and aesthetics of elements, the Chef involves guests in a unique experience, with an alchemy of Mediterranean cuisine, oriental technique and science of food.

The scientific food reference elements of his cuisine are the diet at the area and the Ayurveda culture, whose meaning is: “Science of life”.
Handed down for over five thousand years, Ayurveda is widespread all over the world, today it is attracting a strong attention of scientists in the medical and food field. The consolidated binomial, Giacomo Gaspari and Ayurveda, embraces the needs and predispositions to feed them of the guests, exalting the preferred taste.
He basically, after a short presentation with the guests, offers them a “tailor-made” menu. As the Chef himself says: “The kitchen is the first doctor and nutrition must be above all natural made of healthy and low-calorie ingredients. Giacomo Gaspari believes that, as in life, every one of us is also different in tastes because, depending on the different Dosha (the physical constitutions Pitta – Kapha – Vata), you have a different diet.

Each of us carry out our daily habits feeding each day with the products that our society provides, and we never ask ourselves what our body needs. The combination of knowing how to give your body the right nutrition not only of carbohydrates, proteins and fats necessary for the proper functioning of the body, but above all the value of water, the basic salt and potassium for our total well-being of life, eating and drinking to feel good.


Chefs Delight Crunchy Jumbo Prawns Recipe by Planhotel Executive Chef Giacomo Gaspari


This recipe is sponsored by Chefs Delight Awards


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