Chef’s Delight Cocktail Recipe, Show Love Cocktail with Mixologist Hemstone Onsare


Chef’s Delight Cocktail Recipe with Mixologist Hemstone Onsare


This week’s try it at home Chef’s Delight Cocktail Recipe sponsored by Chefs Delight Awards is brought to you by Mixologist Hemstone Onsare. Show Love Cocktail is one of Hemstone’s Signature Cocktails with an Orange Twist






  • 30ml Gin
  • 15ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 15ml Dry Vermouth
  • 30ml Britvic Orange Juice




Shake All Ingredients With Cubed Ice and Strain into an Orange Shell



Garnish with Orange Slice, Mints and Two Straws One Short and the Other Long



Sweet and Dry Vermouth Blend Beautifully With The Gin and Tart Juice To Bring You The Punchy Orange Bronx.


Excessive Alcohol Consumption is Harmful to your health and strictly prohibited to persons under the age of 18 years. Enjoy Responsibly. Not to be shared with any person below the age of 18 years.



Meet Hemstone Onsare



I am a mixologist by profession. From a very young age I loved fruit juices which were being blended by my dad who is a hotelier. I used to tell my dad that one day I will be a Barman but he convinced me to be a Chef instead.

Although my passion never lied in the Kitchen, I completed a course in Food Production at Kenya Utalii College in 2019. I later discovered that there are Barmen, Bartenders, and Mixologists and of the three, my calling and passion was to become a Mixologist. I took up a course  in mixology at the Nairobi Bar School 2020.

I have since interned and worked at several hotels and cocktail lounges in Kenya. These include Milan Kenya, Maryland Hotel and  MAK5 RESORT in Sagana.

A mixologist is a person who mixes various types of alcoholic beverages and other ingredients to make cocktails and mixed drinks. A mixologist is another term for a bartender who makes and serves cocktails. However, some people distinguish between a bartender and a mixologist as they believe that a bartender just tends to a bar, and on the other hand mixologist is the one who is involved in creating new cocktails. Some of the major tasks of a mixologist are mixing drinks, cleaning and organizing the bar, educating and entertaining customers, coming up with new drink suggestions, and designing new menus for beverages. A good mixologist should be a good listener and friendly.

Mixologists are hired by clubs, taverns, breweries, bars, and distilleries. Some of the companies hire a mixologist to perform presentations at food and beverage shows as well as other marketing events. A career as a mixologist is a good choice for candidates who are interested in working at a bar or club. Candidates can also look at it as a part-time work option. This profile provides flexibility as far as the working hours are concerned because it is not like a routine 9 to 5 job. I, later on, came to combine myself as a Mixologist Chef (food and beverage production)


I love being a mixologist because:

  • I educate myself on the basics and keep up with the trends.
  • I find time working in the kitchen as well as behind the bar.
  • Practice mise en place or “putting in place.
  • Make my own syrups.
  • Use a spotting pourer instead of a jigger.
  • Learns more to free pour.
  • Use a plate for rimming glassware.
  • Normally use  and source local ingredients to garnish my cocktails


For those who want to be mixologists is that most mixologists start their careers as bar backs, then climb the ranks to the bartender, before they get the honorary title of mixologist – the inventor of crazy drinks. The best way to get into this field is to take a bartending course and become a certified bartender.


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Hemstone Onsare

Chefs Delight Bar & Mixology Awards Nominated Mixologist

This Cocktail recipe is sponsored by Chefs Delight Awards


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