Celebrate Raksha Bandhan the Pakeezah Jewellers Way

Raksha Bandhan

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan the Pakeezah Jewellers Way

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most pious festivals celebrating the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters, or close friends who consider themselves siblings, amongst Hindu communities worldwide – and it ought to be an occasion welcomed with pure love and joy. Sometimes referred to as Rakshabandhan (one word), this special day is typically observed in August on the last day of the lunar calendar month of Shraavana. It is common practice for sisters of all ages to tie a talisman or an amulet around the wrists of their brothers, symbolically protecting them, and in return, it is customary for sisters to receive a gift that they would truly cherish. What could be more honourable and symbolic of a strong bond between siblings, than a gift that is made to last forever? Well, we couldn’t think of one either. So go on, make this year special, make it a jewellery gift from Pakeezah Jewellers

Pakeezah is renowned for offering customized, artistic and personalized pieces (extremely popular), as well as an extensive range of pre-made, unique & one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces too. With the expert personalized service you receive at this amazing artisanal jeweller, and an almost endless array of items to choose from – you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan and beyond. Here’s just some of the gift items we recommend.

Traditional to Modern Gents Bracelets

These classy gents’ bracelets are a perfect surprise gift to clasp onto your brother’s wrists this season. We start things off with Pakeezah’s ever-popular, intricate and traditional Rudraksh bracelets

23carat Gents Gold Rudraksh Bracelet (5.82grams)

If it’s something more up-to-date, trendy and stylish you’re looking for, you can be rest assured that Pakeezah Jewellers is the only place to go. Check-out these must have 22carat Gold Bracelets

22carat Gents Gold Bracelet (5.39grams)

Also find on display amazing one-of-a-kind pieces like this Blue Gents Hand Band with Gold Emblem encrusted with American Diamonds, that is sure to act as a reminder to show him how much you truly care.

Blue Gents Hand Band – 22carat Gold Emblem with American Diamonds

A Beautiful Gift For Her 

If we’re honest with ourselves, although they know we do, we don’t often get a chance to show our affection to one another as siblings – Raksha Bhandan is indeed just one of those few chances in a year when we actually can. That’s right, its time show you love her with these glistening precious stone pendants below

Citrine Stone Pendant (1.76grams)
Lotite Stone Pendant (0.75grams)
Aquamarine Stone Pendant (1.36grams)
M Garnet Stone Pendant (0.75grams)
Tourmin Stone (1.02grams)
Rose Grant Stone Pendant (1.10grams)
Tourm Stone Pendant (1.44grams)
Tsavorite Stone Pendant (1.57grams)

If you’re not sure whether she’ll like another pendant in her collection, then a sure-fire way to get into her good books, is with Pakeezah’s every-popular rings. If you ever wondered why their rings are so popular, then take a gander at these.

Ruby Stone Ring with American Diamonds (10.50grams)
White Gold Tanzanite & Diamonds Ring (4.90 grams)
Aquamarine Stone with American Diamonds White Gold Ring (3.60grams)

If her style is little more subtle and less bling, but still timeless and elegant, then these are sure to have her jaw drop in total awe.

White Gold & Tanzanite Ring (4.73grams)
White Gold & Tanzanite Ring (2.13grams)

If you’ve ever wondered how special it would feel to put on a chain for someone in your family to show your appreciation for them, and in this case it being your sister – then this is the perfect chance to find out. Here are just some more of the inspirational pieces on display in the chain section, which make a perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan.

Ladies 22carat Gold Sunflower Neck Piece with American Diamonds (4.21grams)
Ladies 22carat Gold Neck Piece with American Diamonds (4.2grams)
22carat Gold Ladies Neck Piece with American Diamonds (3.85grams)

Why not exchange wrist accessories, with these dainty yet stunning bangles

22carat Adjustable Ladies Bangle (14.37grams)
22carat Ladies Gold Bangle with American Diamonds (14.37grams)
22carat Ladies Gold Bangle with American Diamonds (10.18grams)
22carat Ladies Gold Bangle with American Diamonds (11.3grams)

Another great idea for a gift, are earrings, and with the countless ones on display we’ll leave some to your imagination until you visit their outlet at Stellato Mall, First Floor, Muthithi Rd., Nairobi. 

After all is send and done this is a religious occasion, and a great way to show your appreciation to a sibling you cherish and love, is to give them a gift that exudes positive vibes, peace and harmony, and gives them spiritual guidance too.

Silver Bhuddha Statue (3.75grams)
Silver Lord Krishna Murti (2.74grams)
Silver Ganesh Murti (9.83grams)

How ever you want surprise brothers & sisters this Raksha Bandhan,
Make sure you say it with yours truly Pakeezah Jewellers


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