Cake Mixing, Tamarind Tree Hotel

Cake Mixing At Tamarind Tree Hotel Sharing Moments

Christmas is around the corner and Tamarind Tree Hotel is already geared up for the festive season! Tamarind Tree Hotel held this sensational cake mixing ceremony that brought together people from the Hospitality Industry on the 4th November 2019.

The cake mixing ceremony is a warm-up to the festive holiday season which basically involves preparing and mixing dry fruits such as apricots, figs, cashew nuts, raisins and black currants with wine, rum, brandy, and whiskey. The fruits are laid out and then spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are sprinkled into the mix. Next comes alcohol, which is poured on the mixing table. People then mix this up. The color and aroma then start to surface the surrounding which is usually heartwarming.

As the drinks are flowing, the spirits in the atmosphere get high and memorable. The soaked mix is put into jars and left for a few weeks for the fruits to soak up the alcohol to give a moist cake juicy dried cakes.

This annual event marks the onset of the Christmas Season!

Here’s An Exclusive Insight Of The Ceremony…

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