Brief Historic Tour of Nyeri County with a touch of Breathtaking Waterfalls

I tend to think a traveler is a seeker, someone with quest that gets satisfied over and over again. It’s through my travels that history has come so alive, be it biblical or otherwise. During my recent journey on my quest to see #NyeriCounty that’s not on paper or google maps, I embarked on a journey together with my two Guides both of whom love this county very much and wonder why most places haven’t been showcased.



Our love of history united us all but as they are Keen Bird watcher I had to follow. I love History, don’t ask me how it came to be because while my in High school I thought it wasn’t as important, actually our history teacher was nick named `Kapiriton’ coz she used to make us sleep. Feel free to think I slept through out my history class hehe! But somewhere along my loooooong life I picked it up big time



Well, on this particular day we started by going to the Mau Mau caves on your way to Ngorano. You branch off at Marua , the junction to Nanyuki from Karatina. Mr.kingori tells me during the colonial Era there was a war there between the Maumaus and the British soldiers it was called Mbaara ya Rui ruiru #BattleOfTheBlackRiver coz the water there looks black maybe coz of the many rocks underneath, and the battle was between the Mau Mau and the british colonial soldiers.



The journey is quite interesting with beautiful valleys and vegetation’s and when we got to the falls it was obvious it’s a picnic site for the locals, while someone in Nairobi is dying to be dined and wined at Kempinski etc a local here just want a quiet moment with the one they love by the falls and use the surrounding kopjes as seats and tables, others find this place good for their pilgrimages or just a quiet secure serene place to connect with Mwene Nyaga as the Agikuyu Comunity call God.



The journey down the falls is not as steep but has loose soil so it’s advisable to use proper hiking shoes. One thing I have noticed during my travels in Kenya, There are three types of people who knew and occupied breathtaking locations


1] The British colonialists

2] The catholic church

3] The Mau Maus Maybe they selected them keeping their well being in mind.


After visiting the caves we went to in search of other water falls all within 30 minutes radius of Nyeri Town.



One thing to note is this places are great but not in a controlled environment and if people were to flood in this area there is no way the community would benefit from this. Challenge to you Nyeri county Tourism. we went to muruguru falls, Ihururu Falls



As the day came close to an end I could not believe how magical my entrance to Mt.Kenya Tourism circuit was, already.
Follow our journey #RediscoverKenya as we expose the #HiddenGems of this circuit as we showcase accommodation choices.


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