Boost Your Immunity With Exercise

We all have been told that exercise is good for us. But why exactly?
How does it help our body?
How much is enough?
Apparently it can even help your immunity?


We answer these questions!


Why is exercise good for us?

  • Exercise is simply defined as putting your body through some sort of physical effort.
  • These can range from a light walk to a vigorous high intensity interval workout.
  • The act of exercising is great for your body!
  • From exercise, you may get immediate benefits such as increased energy levels and endorphins – your feel-good happy hormones.
  • Exercise is also known to be incredible healthy for you in the long term. It may assist with weight control, lower cholesterol levels and decreased risk of diabetes and heart attack.


What about the immunity?

  • Yes you heard right – you can even boost your immunity through exercise!
  • Did you know that even 20 minutes of a moderate exercise (such as a brisk walk) may increase your immunity.
  • Exercise allows your white blood cells to circulate around your body easier, finding pathogens easier and taking them out quicker.
  • Exercise also may help to flush out the bacteria and viruses from your lungs and airways, decreasing the chances of you getting an infection, cold or flu.
  • Exercise may also increases your body temperature, which essentially ‘mimics’ a fever, making your body less habitual for viruses and infections.


It is recommended that you exercise for 20 minutes, 5 times a week at least!

However young or elderly, just by taking your supplements and exercising regularly, your immunity will get a definite boost!


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