Bessotted Farmstay – A Hidden Gem At The Foothill of Mount Kenya

Rustic But Not Rough Farmstay

Our story . . .

Besotted Farmstay was birthed out of a desire to reconnect with nature and to get back to a simpler way of life in a countryside setting.

Born and bred in Nyeri, Mumbi, the proprietor, had long wished to return to home and hearth and to live and commune with nature in her ancestral home on the foothills of Mount Kenya. She began a relentless search for the perfect, pristine, and peaceful location that would nurture soul, body, mind and spirit.

It was during this search that she found and fell in love with this delightful spot. Here the panoramic views of the mountain are stunning. They appeared to be calling to her to come and have rest with them. The rolling wheat farms and the adjacent forest echoed the call.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she scratched together a deposit for the five-acre farm and is forever grateful to the original owner whose unending patience with her, given her very limited wallet, enabled her to eventually buy her dream farm.

She set about converting the previous wheat farm into her vision of a rustic but not rough farmstay. A place where visitors could feel at home in an organic farm setting, amidst nature, but with all the trappings of modernity.

The calm environment helps visitors to slow down and take in the beauty of Mount Kenya, its lush forest, and the Aberdare ranges. In the fields, cows, goats, and sheep graze. Birds chirp in trees, flowers bloom, and gardens flourish. The vegetables are fresh. All this in the midst of a most friendly and warm community.

And visitors can give back to nature by helping farmers in the community. They can plant trees, flowers and produce, till the soil, and herd goats and sheep. They can also source their food from the farm or community, walk in the forest and caves, take a hike to the mountain, fish, and take part in other activities in the area.

Welcome to Besotted Farmstay.

Rest, Refresh and Rediscover


Snuggled in the heart of Mt. Kenya region, Bessotted Farmstay is located in Narumoro within the greater Nanyuki area facing Mt. Kenya amidst wheat fields and next to Mt. Kenya forest with stunning views of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare ranges.  In a warm friendly farming community, Bessotted Farmstay is a rustic but not rough home away from home that is “guest-centric.”








Our Client Review


Bessotted Farmstay

At Bessotted Farmstay we offer a tailor-made, unique, value for money and memorable experience for our guests in a country home setting. We are an eco-friendly property, that is fully driven by solar and wind that also recycles its water and waste. We are especially delighted when guests join us as in our environmental conservation efforts by planting trees in their name that we then nurture on their behalf. We are one with the community, and our guests can visit with families, buy produce and even spend time with farmers, doing what they do to get a sense of life in rural Kenya.

Being next to Mt. Kenya forest, guests can take walks to the forest where they can view caves and natural water falls, hike or bike towards the mountain, fish in the nearby rivers and also visit the various conservation parks that are within the area, including Aberdare, Ole Pajeta, Meru National Park, and Mt. Kenya National Park.

Rooms and amenities:

  • Bessotted Farmstay is a modern eco-friendly farmhouse with all modern amenities, built to fit in harmoniously with nature in a serene and exquisite setting.
  • Constructed mostly from yellow stone and Cyprus wood, Bessotted Farmstay has two suites upstairs with spectacular views of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare ranges, one executive bedroom with a walk-in closet and shower and a double room with an eye catching rock garden view. Three of the wooden, handmade beds are extra-large, King-size and above. While the others are queen-size and twin beds.
  • The downstairs rooms walk into an extended enclosed glass patio and breakfast area.
  • Thoughtfully set, is an outdoor dining and barbeque area with panoramic views of Mt. Kenya Forest and the Aberdare ranges as well as a sundeck/entertainment area and outdoor playground for children, complete with a sandpit, monkey bars, seesaw, swings, challenge climb for kids.
  • A smaller cottage provides additional accommodation. Meanwhile, an additional two luxury cottages are also under construction.

Comfort and Convenience:

  • Welcome drink, including tea or coffee
  • Tea available throughout guest stay
  • Al carte dinning at guest’s convenience
  • Internet
  • Flat screen TVs with HDMI cables provided in all rooms, except the Executive
  • Two fireplaces in the family room and dining area
  • Hot water bottles provided at night


Bessotted Farmstay offers the possibility for being still, adventurous, artistic and conservationist, as one might fancy.

  • Indoors, one can enjoy a variety of indoor games, e.g. Taboo, Monopoly, card games, Chess and drafts amongst others.
  • Outdoors, Bessotted Farmstay has external sports; including, badminton, pool, and table tennis. Kids could also have fun in their play area with kids’ volleyball, swings, challenge climbs, monkey bars, and a sand pit.
  • Alternatively, drawing, reading and meditating while enjoying the stunning views of Mt. Kenya, Mt. Kenya Forest, The Aberdare ranges and wheat fields in a comfortable deck, sunbed or hammock is also an option.
  • Within the neighbourhood, one could go fishing biking and hiking, including in the adjacent Mt. Kenya forest and towards Mt. Kenya or decided to engaging with the community and Bessotted staff in a number of activities, including planting, grazing, milking and harvesting produce as well as hiking or biking.
  • In the greater Mt. Kenya area, guests may visit places of interest in the Nanyuki metropolis and Mt. Kenya region, such as Mt. Kenya Climbing gymnasium, Tambuzi Flower Farm, , Nanyuki air strip, Trout Tree restaurant and farm, art and craft shops, restaurants, and fun activities — when present — e.g. Nanyuki Farmers’ Market.
  • A number of conservancies and parks are also within the area, including Aberdare, Ole Pajeta, Meru National Park, and Mt. Kenya National Park as are various golf courses in both Nyeri and Nanyuki.
  • Visits can also be arranged to Waihiga Coffee Estate, a partner establishment that produces and processes specialty coffee for export.



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