Entertainment at Lukenya Getaway

Entertainment and Activities at Lukenya Getaway

At the Lukenya Getaway, guests can relax and unwind in our Twiga lounge with relaxing games of pool, darts and table tennis. One can also indulge in our indoor board games. One does not need to be worried about kids because they are taken care of in our Kingdom kids’ club. Lukenya Getaway is an alcohol and smoking free environment which makes for a comfortable and unique setting. Our Animation Team works tirelessly to treat our guests to exhilarating, relaxing and mind jogging morning and evening activities that range from jogging, aerobics, Zumba, Taebo, pool games, ball Games etc. which extend a persons’ knowledge of themselves and their capacities. Guests can also treat themselves to the breath-taking view of our in-house impalas and over 300 species of wild birds.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also engage in nature walks and nature hikes in a radius of just 10 minutes to enjoy the spectacular view of giraffes, gazelles, zebras and wild beasts, all in their natural environment. Further up the hills takes you to the famous Lukenya Hills which boast of a heart-stirring view of Nairobi City. Guided Rock Climbing also adds to our wide range of outdoor activities. In the evenings, teams can indulge in Getaway’s special dinners in an outdoor poolside. There are also the options of garden and bush barbecue dinners or selected themed nights under the sky with interactive live entertainment.

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