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As we keep fighting the war against the Covid 19 pandemic, all our lives have stopped drastically and changed in a way that we are not used to.

In my life, every month we would be visiting the 8th wonder of the world, the Magical Maasai Mara which is undoubtedly one of the best National Parks in Africa or at least in the top 3. The chirping sounds of the birds every morning with loud roars of lions that awake you, to the most stunning sunrise and sunset you will ever experience, especially for photographers it’s a hidden paradise. 

Travel restrictions have been introduced globally and within Kenya to avoid the spread of Covid 19 and due to this, the tourism industry has taken a big hit as thousands of tourists from all over the globe who usually visit this heaven every year have now come to a stall. Bookings have been cancelled and some postponed and the local community’ The Maasai have been affected as their primary source of income is from the tourists staying at the lodges from where they are employed as well as the donations provided while visiting their villages. Most safari lodges and camps are temporarily closed and those that remain open have no tourists at this unprecedented time

The Maasai Mara got its name from the local people who called the land “Mara” which means “spotted” in Maa. Maa is the name given to the Maasai language. The Masai Mara is the land of the Maasai people. The “Mara” is not a National Park but rather a National Reserve belonging to the Maasai people. 

This period has been a good rest for the animals and the environment to breathe and revive in it’s own natural being without the inference of man. 

Hopefully the gates will open up to this incredible heaven soon and we can all book our Magical Kenya holidays and safaris from across the globe and help the tourism industry revive and be back on its feet. We will be ready to receive the world to come experience this igniting beauty for what it truly is.

The Mara has some of the biggest and most elegantly fierce cats across the continent, every day the different prides of lions will battle to take over other territories and protect theirs. The Lions of Masai Mara are in the prime of their life, wearing the scars of conquest on their faces like medals, they are caught at the peak of an endless cycle.

Someday soon a new challenger will come and explode into their lives like a nightmare, shattering their dreams and Invading their kingdom. The Next Generation. 

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