Amenities Provided at Nakuru Meadows

Nakuru Meadows – Green Community Living




1. Security

  • High perimeter wall with electric fence
  • 24/7 security guard and Guard house



2. Cabro paved and named streets

For ease of access and for extra curriculum activities like cycling and jogging


3 a) Pergola

Resting place and entertainment zone on a sunny days


The Pergola can also be used with the community for nighttime films


3 b) Gazebo

Serves as a relaxing area during a day, meeting zone for the home buyers, a party zone for home buyers, offers a working space during the day


3 c) The Meadow

  • Provides a kids play area


  • Adults play area


  • picnic areas


The meadows also provides enough space to pitch a tent for an event by home buyers.


4. Individual private gardens, both at the front and back of the house. The gardens can offer an ample space for reading and relaxing.


5.Water treatment plant (Reverse Osmosis Plant)

This plant purifies water to the standards of bottles water , making it safe to drink from the tap.

We have underground , elevated and individual storage tanks sufficient to serve the community for a period of three weeks in case there is any breakdown


6. Water heating solar system that helps save energy and which is environment friendly


Nakuru Meadows
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