A Visit To The Takamaka Rum Distillery In Seychelles

A Visit To The Takamaka Rum Distillery In Seychelles

A Visit To The Takamaka Rum Distillery In Seychelles

This week we feature the Takamaka Rum Distillery in Seychelles. Takamaka is the Southernmost district of Mahe with an approximate distance of 24 kilometers from Victoria. It is flanked by two other Districts namely Anse Royale and Baie Lazare which means that Takamaka can be reached from these two directions by road transport.

The population of Takamaka is sparsely distributed which means some of its sub-districts have high population densities with very compact settlement patterns whereas others have very low population densities with dispersed settlement patterns. The Takamaka district is also the home of 14 beaches making it the District in Seychelles with the most number of beaches. The notable ones are Intendance and Takamaka Beach.

La Plaine St. André is more than a distillery! It’s an iconic heritage site that is home to our very own museum, a medicinal garden, historical ruins and of course, our two Giant Aldabra tortoises – Taka and Maka. Takamaka Rum is a brand of rum distilled, aged, and blended in Seychelles, at the Trois Frères Distillery, on the main island of Mahé. The distillery has been operating since 2002, and was founded by the d’Offay brothers, Richard and Bernard d’Offay. They are open for visitors to come and discover more about Seychelles rum, our land, and our culture. It is open from Monday – Friday at 10.00 – 16.30

Through the years, La Plaine St André has filled many functions as a coconut mill, National Monument, a boat repair yard, regal car garage, Eco-Museum, restaurant and even an art gallery.

In 2008, after four years of tenacious campaigning, Trois Frères Distillery was granted a 50-year lease on La Plaine St. André and spent the next two years lovingly and carefully restoring the grounds. Together with the Seychelles Heritage Foundation, Richard and Bernard continue to preserve and promote the historical and cultural role of La Plaine St.André while also making it an inviting and laid-back place for visitors to discover more about Seychelles rum.


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