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A-Plus Wellness Centre’ a Family Chiropractic Clinic (APWC) is a modern health clinic committed to providing high quality, evidence based health care to the city of Nairobi and surrounding communities

A-Plus Wellness Centre is devoted to providing optimal chiropractic care with the following great services:

  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Rehabilitation

These services provide a well-rounded practice that will improve the health of people in Nairobi and surrounding communities

Kamall N Pattni

I am a Licensed Chiropractor by the Ministry of Health practicing at A-Plus Wellness Centre located in Nairobi on the 5th Floor of Doctors Park, next to Aga Khan Hospital on 3rd Parklands, Nairobi.
My strong interests in spinal treatment and care has earned me a valued reputation in Nairobi with numerous clients varying from different races, nationalities and ages.
Chiropractic and other manual therapies emphasize the structure and function of the body’s musculoskeletal framework (especially the spine). The practices of chiropractic and manual therapies are also closely associated with numerous other treatments, with our range of services including but not limited to massage, mobilization, physical therapies, lifestyle and dietary counselling and a variety of other associated therapeutic and rehabilitation approaches.
An extensive experience in treatment and diagnosis allows me to make an immediate connection with my patients, and having developed a comfortable demeanor results in working with patients with ease.
As a professional Chiropractor I have a successful track record of treating my loyal patients and have built a great network through referrals on a regular basis.
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Email: admin@apluswellnesscentre.com

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