A Brand Backed By Quality – Who is Panesar’s Kenya?

A Brand Backed By Quality - Who is Panesar's Kenya?

Panesar Kenya – a Brand Backed by Quality

When first launched in 1948, Kundan Singh’s dream was indeed just to create a small scale business, one built on passion to continuously showcase his talents in master carpentry, ironwork and joinery. Little did he know that his decision would later set Panesar’s on course to reshape the entire furniture and interior design industry as we know it – both on local, regional and now international levels.


A Brand Backed By Quality - Who is Panesar's Kenya?


As the demand for his indelible artistry grew, so did the business, and subsequently its client offerings. Panesar’s has come a long way since then, scaling from a small close-knit team to now directly employing over 130+ homegrown artisans, each of whom have continuously honed their skills under the stewardship of the company (and more continue do so under a fully-fledged training institute – The Panesar Training Institute).


A Brand Backed By Quality - Who is Panesar's Kenya?


A penchant to customize beautifully unique pieces, offering a complete turn-key solution in bespoke interior designs, incorporating a myriad of artistic crafts & disciplines, using the very latest simulation software’s to aid in the creation process, and being at the very forefront of the latest industry trends – makes Panesar a Brand Backed by Quality ready to meet and exceed the expectations of clients today, and for years to come.



Workshop & Production Capacity With a 60,000sq foot 3 Story Workshop specifically designed around the renowned the Japaenese philosophy, of the “Kaizen Principals” Panesar’s has succeeded in developing an effective and efficient production process – that flows seamlessly from start-to-finish. Strong processes, precise time-lines, functional budgeting and state-of-the-art technology all come together in this creative space, with skilled craftsmen and 70+ years of practical experience to the extraordinary piece after piece.



Production divisions include; 3S Design & Technical Drawing, Quality & Scheduling, Machining, Carpentry, Joinery, Sanding & Polishing, Upholstery and Quality Control. The Key Principals to Panesar’s Success


The Key Principals to Panesar’s Success

A Brand Backed By Quality - Who is Panesar's Kenya?


Value Chain – From material sourcing and procurement, 3D design to CAD, to costing, fabrication and installation, you can expect a complete turnkey solution from start-to-finish.

Wood Quality – A high-quality sustainable wood sourcing network and one of the largest drying kilns in East and Central Africa, ensures only the very best raw materials are used.

Specialists – Panesar’s works with the very best in the industry, from materials to workmanship, to installations and more, so you can always be rest assured that quality is guaranteed.

Quality Control – All processes from manufacture-to-installation is supervised, by a senior QA & QC team. Security Features – They work with the best security fit-out providers in the industry, and working side-by-side to incorporate all the security features you need.

Expertise – With over 70 years experience within East and Central Africa, from home to office and everything in between, Panesar’s industry knowledge is second to none.

Fire Certified – The only company in Kenya that certifies it’s works to the international standard of fire safety requirements.

Technology – Panesar’s continual investment in the latest state-of-the-art technology complimented by master carpentry, ironwork and joinery keeps them at the forefront of bespoke furniture & fittings.


A Brand Backed By Quality - Who is Panesar's Kenya?


Be sure to visit their showroom to see what they have in store, and where their teams will be more than happy to help you seek inspiration with a tour of their workshop while conceptualizing and creating a perfect custom piece just for you.


Panesar Center, Mombasa Road, Nairobi
+254 708 555 999

The Rich History of Bespoke Furniture in Kenya – 70 Years of Panesar Kenya

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