5th Edition Heroes Awards Slated For 30th April, 2021

Heroes Awards 2021 - Africa MICE Awards, 30th April 2021


The 5th edition of Heroes’ Awards has been slated for the 30th April, 2021 at the Fort Metal Cross DIXCOVE in Ghana, to recognize the contribution of various individuals in their respective areas of endeavor’s.


Applauding unique people for their unique and extra ordinary contribution of uplifting society and encouraging them to do more and others not to relent in their efforts. The hard work will not be in vain and recognizing the contribution and hard work should have its place in our society.


Streaming Live on Zoom on April 30th 10:00am

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The 5th Edition of Heroes Awards to be known as THE AFRICAN HEROES AWARDS.

African Heroes Awards recognizes hard work and applauds the true and real men and women for their unwavering commitment, passion, love and dedication towards their nations and the continent at large.

It’s not just an award. It’s about recognizing creative brilliance, passion, perseverance and focus.

It’s about telling better and inspirational stories of Africa and beyond.

It’s about stories that provoke thoughts, trigger positive action, conversation, challenge our traditions, norms and culture.

Men and women who are fearless and inspires humanity to be brave to the limit.

Men and women who redefine unique cultural identities.

Men and women who set new records.

Men and women who rewrite our history.

Men and women who make the impossible a reality.


Join us as we humbly honor men and women with a cause.

Heroes Awards, awarding our emerging and emerged African icons.


The Street of Gold Foundation (SOG) recognizes hard work and applauds the visionary leaders for their commitment, dedication, passion and love to the nation.

“Excellence is about stepping outside the comfort zone, training and covering the mind with a spirit of endeavor, and accepting the inevitability of trials and tribulations.

We will be awarding leaders who are brave to the limit, who have excelled and mentored others in their industry. Others call them destiny helpers. Generally, people want to be associated with winners


The unique selection process for the Africa Heroes Awards allows the public to choose the award categories they wish to nominate for,  and then to add the nominees and reason for their nomination. Awards categories include

  • Live Person of the Year
  • Outstanding People Leader
  • Outstanding Team Player
  • Innovative Leader
  • Community Leader
  • Captains of Industries
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Political leader who have made an impact on societal development are going to be recognized and awarded.


We welcome your presence at this year African Heroes Awards ceremony

Street of Gold Foundation (SOG)


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