5 Elements Gift-Store Now Open!



5 elements which dictates the natural energy laws of the world.


Energy is everywhere. Surrounding us, within us, and amongst us. Knowing the flow of energy in your life through these properties have transformative properties.


This is where we are here to help you!


Introducing the new FIVE ELEMENTS gift store by Healthy U.


Discover a new world of all things beautiful.

From décor to lifestyle, follow the elements as they guide you to a more zen, creative, uplifting or transformative path.

Energise your home! Create a calm environment that invites health and prosperity with zen Buddhas. Boost your health, wealth, physical and spiritual with crystals. All this and so much more!


With speciality goods found nowhere else in Kenya, bring a unique twist into your space and home.


Find us on ground floor, Sarit Center.


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