Parental Guidance- Tips To Help A Bullied Child

How To Help Your Child From Getting Bullied

When children are little, they are adorable, happy souls, and most importantly confident. They learn to express themselves from an early age and with proper guidance they protect their self-esteem.

However, when children get older, they are expected to be independent of their emotions and thoughts, though they may lack training on how to deal with negativity. Some parents might be unable to detect traits that show a child has been bullied over time.

Traits Of A Bullied Child

  1. Withdrawal symptoms: bullied children may develop isolation problems and therefore gaining the ability to keep quiet about their struggles. This problem may as a result of:
  • They have received threats from their bullies
  • They have mentioned it before but no action was taken
  • They are expected to be ‘mature’ and handle their own struggles.

These traits may make a child be reserved, hide most of the time, or develop antisocial behavior.

  1. Too Much Aggression: Aggression is a component of a confident person. However, too much of it may mean otherwise. An aggressive child may develop violence issues and may grow to be a negatively wild child. They develop trust issues and get physical when their emotions are not taken into consideration.
  2. Cry Baby: Crying is one of the ways for a child to get what they want. However, unnecessary emotional breakdowns may depict challenges and also mental exhaustion. Emotional breakdowns may be a result of bullying and mistreatment in their daily environments. They are always sad and emotionally downcast.
  3. Laziness: Mental breakdowns may cause weakness in the body of a human being. When the mind is too engaged and emotions are unbalanced the body tends to relax most of the time. Children going through emotional and mental problems may develop a relaxed state of body and their daily activities are underperformed all the time.
  4. Disconnection: As a parent, connecting with your child is always your priority. A bullied child tends to disconnect emotionally from people who care about them. This is because they may ask questions about their well-being and know that there is a problem. If you sense a disconnection, take action with immediate effect.

The Journey To Healing.

Every parent wishes to have a confident and healthy child. If a parent has detected bullying problems with a child, they may get frustrated and may not have the know-how of the challenges.

These tips will be of help to a parent to enable them to help their child:

  1. Identify their bullies: Bullying could be from a fellow child, a guardian, a family relative, or even a teacher. Identifying who they are afraid of may be the first step to helping a bullied child. In case it’s a fellow child, the parents of the bully should be informed and all the parents should come up with workable solutions. In case the parents of the bully do not agree, it is best to take away your child from the bully.

If the bully is an adult, measures should be taken with immediate effect by the concerned authorities. If there is a need to report to a higher authority, it should be considered.

  1. Believe every word from the child: It is possible for a child to lie about an issue, however, if they mention anything about their bullying, take them for their word. A bullied child needs to feel acknowledged. The sense of belief from them will make them open up more and freely reveal their emotions about anything. Listen and take action.
  2. Build connection: It is important to allow a child to lean on you as a parent. Giving them an opportunity to express themselves enhances connection and enables them to see a parent as a support system. Let them feel supported. Let them feel heard. Do not feel like you understand, seek to find out more from them. Giving them warm hugs during their breakdowns is a good way to build emotional trust in them.
  3. Mental therapy sessions: if the mental damage from the abuse was beyond a child, a parent should consider therapy or counseling sessions that will help the child get back on track. Counseling will help to reduce emotional tension and give more room for confidence and self-esteem.

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