Enjoy Playing Golf As A Beginner- Golf Club, Their Numbers and Their Role

Golf Explained- Basics For A Beginner.

The Golf Club Parts

  1. The grip: The grip is the only contact with the club. It controls the angles a golfer swing on. It also controls the club’s face. Having a glove is highly recommended because it improves grip and control.
  2. The shaft: The shaft is responsible for the control, angle, and position of the club head during a shot.
  3. The Club head: The club head comprises the face, toe, heel, and leading edge. The leading edge helps to take a shot when hitting. If it is not well placed, it can lead the golf ball to the wrong spot.

Golf Numbers

Golf club numbers referred to the loft, which is the angle of the golf club face. When you adjust the loft, you are changing the height and distance the golf ball will travel when struck.

The lower the golf club number, the less loft, and the less intense the angle on the golf club face; this means the golf ball will travel more distance at a lower height.

The higher the golf club number, the more loft, and the more intense the angle on the golf club face, which means the golf ball will travel higher, but for a shorter distance.

As you may be learning, physics plays a significant role in a golf game, and choosing the appropriate clubs for the right shot is extremely important.

The difference between a wood and iron club refers to the material the club is made out of. A 3-wood and 3-iron will have the same loft angle, as would a 5-iron and 5-wood, though made of different materials, which means they are better suited for different shots.

You may believe that since 3 and 5-irons are made of iron, a material harder than wood, they would be used for long-distance shots, but this is not the case. Generally speaking, a 3-wood is used for a shot in the range of 210 yards, while a 3-iron is used for a shot in the range of 180 yards. A 5-wood is used for a shot of about 180 yards, while a 5-iron is used for a shot of about 160 yards.

As you may have deduced from the numbers above, a 5-wood and 3-iron are both typically used for the same distance shot and should be chosen based on the desired loft for the shot.



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